Burberry Light Glow Blush in Russet

I have a complete bias towards Burberry Cosmetics - not only was the brand my first foray to the high-end spectrum of cosmetics, I am also truly madly in love with anything Brit. So classy and fabulous (unlike me l o l).

Aside from the Lip Velvet, one of the things I'm most excited to try is the Burberry Light Glow Blush in Russet. I got mine from Hong Kong's SOGO Department Store for 370HKD (roughly $48). I read somewhere that Burberry Cosmetics is cheapest in Hong Kong, if that's true, you must check them out then. (Burberry Cosmetics is available in SOGO Department Store, Causeway Bay and DFS Galleria in Lippo Sun Plaza, TST).

I'm 97% sure that I'm wearing Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench 04 here

Originally I was going to buy Blossom, but they didn't have it in stock. In fact, it's not even on the display, so I fear that the rumors are true - that it might have been discontinued indeed. It's one of the most striking colors in their blush line so I'm not really sure what made them do that. 

Anyway, I remembered while being made up at the Burberry Counter in San Francisco, the guy went for an Orange-y color blush which looks (ahem) amazing on my skin. Looking up the entire Light Glow line, it was either Tangerine or Russet. When I swatched Tangerine though, it was a bit light and I reckon it wouldn't show up on me so I decided to go for Russet.

And what a decision it was.

Hi, I'm Russet and I am gorgeous.

I would describe the color of Russet to be Dirty Orange with a strong a Brown undertone. It's a pretty warm shade so I'm quite sure that this won't suit too pale skin (as it would look well, dirty on them), but this would be perfect for those with a medium/olive skin tone. I usually go for peach/coral/orange blush shades so it's not really a surprise that I would like this one!

If you think NARS blushes are already finely-milled, the Burberry Light Glow is in another league of its own. The blush is so buttery soft and very pigmented that just a slight tap of your brush is all you need to pick up some color. Remember to apply this in the lightest way possible because chances are, you'd look like a clown if you exert unnecessary effort into applying this blush.

Lasting power is amazing - literally the whole day with just the tiniest hint of fading. Not too shabby, Russet! As with all Burberry makeups, my only downside is the smell! It has this distinct matronly rose scent. But good thing is that the scent isn't quite as strong when compared to their lipsticks, and it does fade (the smell, that is!) after a few minutes.

What's your current favorite blush? :)



  1. Hi Romila

    Sorry this is rather late but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your kind comments on my blog! I didn't know if I could reply on the post itself (whether you would see it or not). Well done on your new beauty blog.. unfortunately I'm not so into beauty so I'm not sure what to say about blushers.. hehehe

    <3 take care and have fun always!!!

    Yishyene x

  2. Oh it's such a beautiful colour & it suits you so so well! I haven't tried anything from the Burberry line, but you've convinced me I need to! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. It looks beautiful on you! I love orange blushes as well.

  4. I WANT RUSSET NOWWW NA. Been eyeing it since forevssss. I have Peony but I'm sooo bored with pink blushes na. Blossom :( :( :( HUHU.

    And I agree - super iba ng Burberry blushes! I cant believe its so finely milled to the finest level!

  5. the colour is gorgeous!


  6. omg im trying this next lol im so excited to get the pink amber soon ^^ few weeks nalang. did you try their bronzer sis when you went to HK? is it good?

  7. @Shayne: Hi! No, didn't get to try the bronzers! :(

  8. I've always wanted to try a Burberry blush (that and Tom Ford) but the price is a bit out of my range. I've not heard much about this shade but it seems like an ideal pick for you :) I think orange/peachy blushes are a bit more flattering for Asian skin tones than pink so it's a colour I'd be drawn to as well.

  9. I have yet to try out Burberry blushes. I have heard so many great things about it. This colour looks gorgeous on you :) Definitely right up my alley!

    xoxo, charlene

  10. this is indeed a beautiful shade. I expect no less of this blush since it's from Burberry. hehe

    I love peachy or orangey blushes, coz they suit my morena skin tone. hehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie