The Face Shop Style My Eyebrow in 03 Brown

Despite my obsession with properly groomed eyebrows, I actually only own 1 eyebrow product (& it isn't even really a product made for the brows). I used to own a retractable Etude House brow pencil, but the lead snapped halfway through. While I still have my ever-so trusty MAC Espresso, I wanted a brow product in pencil form so I can just throw it in my bag and not worry about needing any additional tools/brush.

I'm wearing Burberry Sheer Foundation in 04 here! I forgot how much I love this foundation. 04 is a shade lighter but ugh SO NICE.

I have wanted the Shu Uemura Hard Pencil ever since Liz blogged about it, but the high price kept putting me off on buying it. I've said this before, I can splurge on lipsticks and blushes, but Php1600 for a pencil? Uh, I don't think so. So when I chanced upon The Face Shop Style My Eyebrow (Php150), I didn't hesitate to purchase it. The shade that I got, 03 Brown, isn't completely brown - it's a cross between light brown and cool taupe. The color is perfect for my hair color (light brown).

It's super easy to use! The pencil isn't very pigmented so you can drag it across your brows multiple times, and you still won't end up sporting scary Scouse brows. It's creamy so it glides like a dream, but isn't too waxy that it ends up making your brow hair stick together. It lasts all day, too! Like legit 3am-to-9pm-last-all-day. Promise, cross my heart. From home to the airport to Hong Kong Mongkok, Causeway Bay, Central, TST and finally back to Mongkok.. it stayed put.

I like this. I really, really like this. Possibly even better than Espresso. I don't like that I have to sharpen it every so often, but that's just my laziness talking. This product is F A B, and definitely worth looking into!

What's your favorite brow pencil? :)



  1. It's so beautiful. I use a brow-kit from Youngblood :D

  2. I don't use brow pencils but one I finish my Milani brow powder I'm considering Style My Brow and the Etude retractable! :)


  3. I love the MUA brow kit - it's cheap and cheerful and it works a treat! :) xx

  4. nice find, will definitely check this out. I've been loving the Etude House easy brow pencil in #1

    I hope this will work well on me too ^_^
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