Quickie: Nature Republic Lip & Eye Cleansing Tissue

I use cleansing water (ie Bioderma, Bifesta) to remove my makeup, but I always keep a pack of makeup remover wipes in my bag just in case. This is actually the first Nature Republic product I've ever bought, and I'm pleasantly surprised that I really like it despite the super cheap price I got it for. Nature Republic Lip & Eye Cleansing Tissue costs Php 125 for 30 sheets, but I got it only for Php45 EACH. I love 3-for-the-price-of-1 promos. ♥ (I think the promo is still on-going!)

The wipes remove my eye makeup effortlessly - just one swipe, and everything's gone. The lip stain took a little more effort to remove. Some colors were still left on my lips even after rubbing the wipes vigorously. Bah. To be fair, Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart is a pain to remove even with Bioderma, so...

It smells.... quite bad though. Not the nicest smelling wipes I've used, but the quality is good enough for me to make me forget about the smell. :P For P45 (roughly a dollar), who am I to complain?? Hello.

Any other cleansing wipes I need to try out next? :)

*Wow, half-assed post much? A much longer one on Saturday, I swear!



  1. Nice find! I will try this in the future. :)

    xo, Juvy

  2. Woah! P45 for a pack. You are so lucky to have catched this on sale. Makes me want to try it too, but I need one for the entire face kasi lazy ako. :D