Burberry Lip Velvet in Pink Amber

I've always wanted a Burberry Lip Velvet, but unfortunately we don't have Burberry cosmetics in the country. I know an online shop that sells Burberry makeups for a really outrageous price (Php2200 for ONE lipstick!), so I thought I'd just wait for our Hong Kong trip to purchase one.

Burberry Lip Velvet in Pink Amber (240HKD full size) isn't a shade that I would pick out for myself. Originally, I was going to buy Bright Poppy and/or Pink Azalea, but I think due to Burberry changing their manufacturer, some shades have been out of stock for months. Bleh. Anyway, SOGO has this promotion going on that if you buy 600HKD worth of Burberry products, you get a tiny sample size lipstick for free. Yay. I love lipstick samples!

Don't you just hate it when Blogger sucks out all the colors of your photos? Darn.

I picked out Pink Amber, and contrary to the ~ face* I'm pulling on the photo above, I'm actually super duper please with this lipstick shade. In fact, I might actually like this better than the shade of the full-sized one I bought. Shocker.

Pink Amber is a goooorgeous medium reddish-coral shade that I think will suit most skin tone (if not all). Coral & I don't get along particularly well, but the warm undertone of Pink Amber made this shade so flattering on me. The first time I put it on, pardon the ultimate vanity, I stared at myself in front of the mirror for a full minute. IT'S THAT NICE.

I'll do a full review re: formula, staying power when I review the full-size one I got. But lemme tell you right now: most comfortable matte lipstick IN THE WORLD.

Have you tried the lip velvets? :)



  1. SIS! i am ordering this soon as in, but pre order so it might take a month before i get it :D such a nice coincidence. this was one of the colors im choosing from, the other one and probably the first shade ill try from this line is rose pink :D btw i know an online seller that sells it for a lot cheaper price you might want to check her out :)

  2. @Shayne: Ay get this shade! You won't regret it haha it's super pretty! :)

    Ooh can you tell me who the seller is? I want! :O

  3. What a gorgeous colour! It looks so pretty on you <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com