FOTD: Three Product Face

I look so haggard and bloated here. :( Also: I now really, really hate my hair. RAWR.

Has it really been almost a month since my last blog post? Between the devastating storm our country was subjected to early August, and trying to start up a cupcake business (more of that later), I haven't got the time (or will) to blog. As I think you can imagine, spending hours at a hot kitchen does not make me want to slap on anything heavy on my face. From the previous Five Product Face, I'm now down to three.

I'm actually trying to whittle down products that I have to use on my face until... well, until I'm down to one (eyebrow product). But unless someone invents a miracle pill (without side effects) that will banish my spots forever, I can't give up on my concealer. But voila, from 5 products, I'm down to three. I'm considering patting myself on the back, but that might be a little too smug.
First and foremost, a product that you're probably familiar with as a regular reader of my blog, MAC Espresso. My ultimate go-to makeup product for a fuller, stronger looking eyebrow. It has yet to fail me. A recent addition to my makeup stash, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium as the name implies is perfection. It literally covers most of my imperfections - using this actually allows me to skip liquid foundation. The third product that I used for this look is the Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Taffetas - a warm toned pink that can take me from day to night.

Lip color is the only one that I rotate nowadays. For nude lips, I go for MAC Cherish or Wet N Wild Bare It All. For reds, I go for Revlon Fabulous Fig or MAC Deeply Adored. Pinks, I go for Rose Taffetas, Revlon Teak Rose or Revlon Just Bitten in Sweetheart!

What's your 3 product face? :)



  1. I wanna do this too!!! Ok maybe that's a bit of a stretch. Might go with the 5 product one :)


  2. your eyebrows look fab! Do you use a clear brow gel or anything over or do you just stick with the powder??

    I think my 3 favorites right now would be mascara, brow zing, and my pixi brilliance balm!

  3. @CJ: I used to think I can't do it either! Haha goodluck! Can't wait to see your post, if ever :)

  4. @Carly: Thank you Carly! Nope, no brow gel just the powder! It stays on pretty well :D

  5. Wow - three products....they can really transform your face. I'm going to try and see what my three products are now...

  6. Missed your posts, dear!! :)
    I shall try this - 3 product face! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Lol.

    I love how polished you look with 3 products! And inggit ako sa Givenchy lippie mo!! :( Loverly!! That packaging is.. just wow.