Cheap Find: Tony Moly Delight Mono Shadow

Okay, this isn't really my cheap find because Sharina found it first, but ~hey tiny details, eh? I'm not choosy when it comes to eyeshadow because it's not something that I find myself using on an everyday basis. I can splurge on lipsticks, blushes and eyebrow products, but I will balk at eyeshadow priced at Php300+ a piece (although Rosewood & Midnight Brown from Burberry are making me rethink this whole thing, to be honest..)

I dropped by a Tony Moly store last week, and found myself swatching all their eyeshadow. Half of them made me cringed by how much glitters and fallout there were, but some of them were not bad. The Delight Mono Shadow Matte costs Php178, Mono Shadow Shimmer costs Php 198, while the Glitter version costs Php228. I honestly saw no difference between the Shimmer and the Glitter version except, I guess the latter has bigger chunks of glitters (I guess).

TM Shadow Shimmer in #12 on the lid, Stila Molasses lightly applied on the crease

In the end, I purchased the Tony Moly Delight Mono Shadow Shimmer in Shade #12 (Php198 | roughly $4) because it reminds me of MAC All That Glitters. #12 is the perfect mix of pink & gold.  All That Glitters is, admittedly, less frosty but for 1/4th of the price, the TM's glitter chunks are nothing I can't handle. The eyeshadow is so buttery soft, applying it on is a breeze. It glides on without skipping, and the pigmentation is just superb.

It's great for a light, lid-wash for lazy days, but add some matte brown to the crease, and it's the perfect go-to eyeshadow look that can take you from day to night. Fallout is inevitable, but just brush those out with a fan brush, and you're good to go.

Oh, one downside: the eyeshadow is literally encased in see-through plastic. To be fair, they do sell a palette that would fit 6 eyeshadow, so I guess it's not really meant to be sold individually.

What's your latest cheap find? :)



  1. Great review! I may have to check out the nearest Tony Moly store soon! Haven't had the chance to visit one yet :)

  2. @Paola: Thanks! Their matte ones are really nice din! :D

  3. it looks nice :) reminds me of a color found in the naked palette. i still wish it was a little bit cheaper pa esp since its sold separately with out its own case ^^

  4. ooh, this looks really nice! wish i could find this is the US :)


  5. It's a pretty colour.

  6. I love eyeshadow singles! And for them to come in just a pan (no container) is pretty rare. I get so gigil in wanting to collect them all. LOL! This pinky-gold is a nice one :)

  7. Awwwww...this is so pretty. Love the shade for its light and seems so natural on skin. I will def check on this.