What's In Her Makeup Bag #05

Hello! I am Gelai -- a crazy cat lady and an IT corporate slave that will do anything for food and travel money. I was known as "Gelalalove" during those lovely tumblr days but nowadays, I blog here during my free time. My first ever make up is a VMV pink blush that I asked my Dad to buy for me because I "needed" it for school. He believed me, haha! I think that's where my love affair with make-up started. I always go for the "no make up look" on a daily basis because I'm not really comfortable wearing noticeable make up (if you know what I mean). Now on to my make up bag!
(runbarbierun notes: She's actually my blockmate in DLSU, and a very good friend of mine!)

My (dirty) make up bag is from Clinique. This was given to my mom by my Lola but yeah, I stole it. EOS LIP BALM IN HONEYSUCKLE HONEYDEW is my holy grail lip balm. It's smooth, it smells good and it lasts forever. I love the bulky but cute packaging too because it's so big, it's impossible for me to lose it. I also take the tandem that is BENEFIT'S CHA CHA TINT and HIGH BEAM every where I go because when you live in a country where summer is all year round, a lip and cheek tint is your best friend. I don't really use highlighters because dewiness comes naturally to my oily face but I love the effect that High Beam gives to my brow bone. MAC'S PINK NOUVEAU is my every day lipstick. It has a tendency to be too bright but I love how it brightens up my face.
FACE SHOP'S DESIGN MY EYEBROW helps tame my unruly eyebrows. I love using my cheap but good WHITE EYELINER BY OLEUR that I got in Sasa. It gives me that "alive and not sleepy" look even if I am dead tired and about to pass out from too much work *insert workaholic rants here*. Concealer is my best friend! BENEFIT'S BOI-ING does the trick to cover my very dark circles. I use the lighter shade under my eyes and the darker one to conceal any blemishes and redness around my face. I don't usually wear eye shadow but when I do, MAYBELLINE'S EYESTUDIO IN COPPER BROWN is what I use. Good natural colors for everyday use, very pigmented and cheap! MAYBELLINE'S THE HYPERCURL MASCARA that I got from the May BDJ Box is my current mascara. I'm not really picky when it comes to mascara. As long as it does its job to lengthen, add volume and not clump, I'm in.

L'OREAL'S TRUE MATCH TWO WAY POWDER FOUNDATION is the face powder that I have been using for as long as I can remember. I have purchased the refill for three to four times already. Too goooooood, very affordable and it hasn't broke me out ever . Last but definitely not my least favorite is BODY SHOP'S ROSE FLOWER BLUSH IN FUCSHIA. It smells like roses and gives this super natural hint of pink that is just perfect. I put this on using a BLUSH BRUSH from Sasa.

So there you have it! I love both drug store and high end makeup because I believe that price really doesn't mean quality all the time. You just have to find those "gems" that will fit your skin type and color and make you look and feel like a winner. ;)



  1. I really love this series - it's so cool to be able to take a peek into different girls' makeup bags! I've been hearing a lot about Pink Nouveau lately (especially from MakeupByAlli) - definitely a shade I want to check out!

  2. Great products!!

  3. I love this series too! High beam is super pretty under the brow bone <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. Thank you Lena & Jennie! I'm glad you guys love this! =) It would be sooo nice to feature both of you, too!

  5. oh nice i didnt know boi-ing had a version with 2 shades in it :) or is it two separated compacts?

  6. oh nice i didnt know boi-ing had a version with 2 shades in it :) or is it two separated compacts?

  7. Hi I am a new follower here! Have been reading through your posts and I really love this series! I love looking at beauty products used in different parts of the world!

  8. @Shayne: I think it came with a kit! The How To Look The Best At Everything! :)