What's In Her Makeup Bag #03

Hello guys! Let me introduce Jessica for the 3rd series of What's In Her Makeup Bag! She has a relatively new blog (here) where she not only reviews beauty and skincare products, but she also documented her trip throughout France (jealous!).

Hey guys! My name’s Jessica and I’m the not-so-great mind behind BEAUVELISTA. Pleasure to meet everyone!

A little something about me: I prefer doing my makeup at home so I won't have to bring a lot with me when I go out except for some essentials. A bulky makeup bag only adds weight to my bag, and there's nothing I hate more than lugging around a heavy bag.

Anyway, on to my current makeup bag. It's by Longchamp, and I bought it in Nice just last month. Now the contents of my makeup bag on a daily basis are:

Blush - For my every day office makeup, I use MAC Gingerly.

Powder Foundation - I've always been using the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder but recently switched to MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark because I wanted to try something new. I might go back to using MDMP if I end up not liking the Blot Powder, but so far, so good.

Lipstick - My lipstick changes depending on what I’m wearing. Hee. But for days when I want to look simple and as if I have no makeup on, I use the ever dependable MAC Kinda Sexy. It’s the perfect shade of nude for me! And my lips are naturally dry, so Lucas Papaw is also a staple for me. I don’t apply lipstick without putting on a bit of Lucas Papaw first. Keeps my lips moisturized but not too much that I look like I just ate Lechon. Hee.

Now I also bring with me my BYS Brow and Eye Pencil and my Essences Lash and Brow Gel so I can retouch my eyebrows if I have to. I also bring a spare retractable eyeliner for emergency purposes, and it’s also by Essences. I just loooooove European drugstore makeup brands! For mascara, I’m currently using MAC Opulash Optimum Black. I love it, but MAC Plush Lash is still my HG MAC Mascara. Nothing quite like it, actually.

And finally, for my concealer, I use the Sephora Soothing and Brightening Concealer. I got this in France. Loving it so far! Wish I bought backups.

That’s it! Hope my unexciting makeup bag didn’t bore you! 


 I have a couple more people lined up for the next 2 weeks, but if you're interested to be featured, drop me an email! :)



  1. Ohh you can't go wrong with MAC mascara!

    Great post :)

    Jade xx


  2. @Jade: I've only tried one MAC mascara, and I wasn't disappointed! Thanks! :) x

  3. I love your blog, it's very beautiful and interesting! Thank you))