Everyone's posting about summer and I'm like, "ain't nobody got time for that!" Heh, kidding. Seriously though, I AM SO GLAD SUMMER IS OVER IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD. But actually, to be honest, I'm even more glad because end of summer means: end of the season sales! So much happiness. ♥ A little disclaimer: I don't actually spend this much when shops aren't on sale, I literally only ever buy basics from Forever 21 nowadays. Most of these are priced half their original price, soooo..

I've been trying to "build up" my shoe/sandals collection because I actually have.. none. Well, of course I have shoes: 1 Keds, a couple of Converse, 2 ballet flats, some heels and tons and tons of Havaianas. If I can, I will literally wear flipflops all. the. time. The perks of living in a tropical country, eh? (from left-right) I bought the Mango T-bar strap Sandals first.. I just love how perfect it is to wear for, ironically, summer. But ahh.. it's just so pretty! I have to be honest though, I regret buying this because I just tried it on, and it hurts like a mother! I don't think I'll be keeping this hehe.

Zara Lace Heel Vamp Shoe (weirdly name since it's actually flat) isn't something that I would buy normally. You know what they say when you're not sure if you like something, leave it in the store (or have it reserved) walk around a bit, and if while you're constantly thinking about it even after 20 minutes, buy it. So, I did! No regrets, so far haha. Technically I didn't buy the Zara Mini Shopper Bag at the store itself, I bought it through Ebay. Justifying this buy because my other bag broke - as in the leather's all torn up which is a shame because it was my favorite! It's the Zara studded bottom bag, btw.

If you're following me on Instagram, you'd know how obsessed I am with my Topshop Skater Skirt in Black (the one with Lycra material) so I thought I'd stock up: Topshop Skater Skirt in Aubergine (this doesn't really hide my bum as well as the black one, so I'm kind of regretting this purchase....) and Forever 21 Skater Skirt in Coral. My favorite buy so far is the Auztralian Sandals in Nude. It's so girly and dainty, and totally not my style but holy moley is it ever so comfortable!! ♥

Have you shopped the sales yet? ;)



  1. Those black shoes are soo adorable!
    I love your layout btw.


  2. @Velia: Thank you! & they are! Lucky find! :) xo

  3. Hello! Where can I find the Auztralian Sandals?

  4. Hi! Landmark, Trinoma! Not sure if the Makati branch has it :D

  5. I love love love all the shoes you purchases, they're beautiful!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  6. Wow I love your haul! Everything is so girly! The Mango sandals look sweet and pretty, sayang it hurts to wear it (literally). Super contrast sa Auztralian, it's cheap yet super comfy. I have a pair of flats from the same brand, and they're so comfy as well. :D

  7. Thank you Jennie! <3

    @Coco: I looove the color, too! Unfortunately, it looks quite bad on me :(

  8. Love your page, great sales picks! Zara has a fabulous one on at the moment :-)

    aliceandgracewears.blogspot.co.uk xoxo