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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Say hello to a new series on my blog! Like any of you, I'm such a nosy person, so looking at other people's makeup bag is one of my a favorite things to do :p What better way to start this series than show you the content of my little sister's makeup bag, eh?

I don't exactly have the permission to post her face on my blog but quite frankly, I don't really care ;) Ha.

To start off, her makeup bag is from SM Department Store (Php129 - steal!) which I bought for her a couple of weeks ago. Before she had this bag, she was actually using a Topshop Clutch bag which I thought was beyond ridiculous :P I chose this because it's pink (her favorite color), it's compact yet roomy and actually quite sturdy.

Anyway, on to the makeup.. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC42 - this shade matches her to a t. It makes her skin looks super flawless, but she thinks that this is actually the culprit on why she's breaking out now. (That or because she doesn't remove her makeup properly by the end of the day!) That square compact mirror was stolen from me. No surprises there. Nichido Liquid Liner - apparently this is the best liquid liner to use when you're a beginner. It's very easy to use, doesn't budge and is really affordable. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder to help control oil and for touch up. MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj was the lipstick she wore during her debut (photo above) - she loved it so much she asked me to give it to her for Christmas last year! It looks horrible on me, but it looks amazing on her. MAC Blushbaby was another product that was originally mine. Unlike with me, pink cheeks actually look very natural on her!

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