theBalm Mary Loumanizer

theBalm Mary Loumanizer is one of those products that was so ultimately hyped a few years ago - but surprise, surprise, I've never had the urge to actually purchase one myself. For one, I already have a perfectly good highlighter (MAC Pink Power) And two, I'm not the biggest fan of highlighters so, really do I need another one? The answer, of course, is y e s.

[Above: with foundation, Below: with bronzer & theBalm Mary Loumanizer]

theBalm Mary Loumanizer ($24/Php895) is a gorgeous, gorgeous shimmery gold-champagne highlighter. Honestly, it's not the silkiest powder I've ever used, but it's not gritty so it's still a pleasure to use. Beware though, this baby is pigmented. Tapping your brush very lightly on the product itself doesn't work - believe me, you'll still end up looking like you've dunk your face in glitters. So after tapping it very lightly, tap the brush on the case to dislodge excess powder, then tap it again lightly on the areas that you want to put it on.

I put the highlighter on the high-points of my cheeks, on the brow bone, on the cupid's bow and on the tip of my nose. Applying the Mary Loumanizer in those areas gives an illusion of perfectly sunkissed-look especially when coupled with a bronzer. I liked it a lot, I think it's such an easy way to look very luminous and healthy! If you can't, fake it, eh? ;)

What's your favorite highlighter? :)



  1. Its always sold out in Beauty Bar! That's why I ended up getting NARS Albatross. But this one is said to be just as good at half the price! Love that you got this!! :) And love how it looks on you :)

  2. I just received this in the mail and I love it :D

  3. @Shari: I heard so many good things about Albatross but it's so out of my budget! :(

  4. @Janice: I'm glad you liked this as well! It's becoming fast my obsession <3

  5. I haven't found my fave yet, but this one looks interesting!

  6. This is one of my favorite highlighters! I agree that it is very potent. Such a great product though. I have a feeling it will last me a lifetime