The Empties # 1

Elf Eyebrow Kit in Light was a big favorite of mine a couple of years ago. This one is, in fact, the second kit I've finished over the years that I have been using this product. I've been trying other brow products now, and so far, I haven't had any urge to repurchase this one. Tarte Primer Trio so, those tubes aren't empty.. Well, they are... but technically they aren't really "finished products" since they've all just been depotted (I had sooo many issues with the packaging!!! ie I honestly thought I've finished the eye primer, so I squeezed the beejesus out of it - of course it actually still has 70% product left and IT SQUIRTED EVERYWHERE) Will I repurchase? HECK YES. The eye primer and the brightening face primer are my favorite... Like, HG status favorite. The eye primer is seriously better than NARS Pro Prime!

The Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner is the worst. We will not talk about that. Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara and the Eye of Horus Mascara are both super boring to talk about. They're both mascaras (duh), and they go bad after 3 months so it was time to toss 'em out blah blah blah ho-hum.
    Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in #56 okay technically not empty, but the makeup artist who used this on me broke the pump (!!!RAGE!one1!), and I can't get any foundation out of the bottle any more. Oh well, not my shade anyway. Great foundation though. Definitely has better staying than the foundations I'm currently using right now. Sadface. You will be missed. Jack Black Lip Balm BEST LIP BALM EVER. End of.

    MAC Creme d Nude lipstick CAN YOU BELIEVE I ACTUALLY FINISHED A TUBE OF LIPSTICK??? And it's a shade I hated too! Clings on dry lips, really bad shade of nude on me, not much staying power, hated the finish. Good riddance, I tell ya. Bifesta Sebum Makeup Remover Can I just say that I really, really like this product? Very easy to use, doesn't break me out, gentle on the eyes, cheap, can be found just about everywhere, etc. LOVE (lol not I still love Bioderma so much more but what can you do when it's not locally available, eh?) I'm actually using the Bifesta Bright Up variant now, but honestly, I see no difference between the two.

    What products have you finished lately? ;) (And a big yahoo for you!)



    1. I really want to try the elf eyebrow kit x

    2. @Coco: You should def try it! Very cheap too!

    3. I'm so impressed! I rarely go through makeup products; I think it's because I like to keep them in rotation for whatever reason. The only one I've finished up so far is a mascara. LOL.

      I usually finish up skin care products VERY quickly, though.

    4. Lemme repeat what you said - "YOU FINISHED A TUBE OF LIPSTICK!?" Gurrrl congrats! Goal ko yan! This year may mauubos at mauubos din ako :)

    5. Wow good work on the lipstick! I have never finished a lipstick before. I use too much of a variety and I rarely reach for lipstick although I'm trying to change that!

    6. I've never finished anything, even lip balms. Haha I have a ton right now, all of them opened.

      What was the problem with the Milani one? I really have to ask since I've read some good reviews about it.

      Too bad about the Bourjois:( It seems kinda dark and orange for you anyway :)


    7. CJ: I heard good things about it din, that's why I bought it. I just don't think it works on me. Smudges + weak pigmentation :(