Too Cool For School Cosmetics - now in the Philippines (+ Haul!)

I first heard of Too Cool For School when Carina of Softly Sometimes wrote about the brand a couple of months ago. After reading her post, I had a list of products to buy, but was disappointed to find out that the store nearest me was in Hong Kong. Suffice to say, that plan quickly went down the drain.

Fast forward a few months later, Too Cool For School opened a branch in the Philippines!! :) The latest Korean cosmetic to land in the country, Too Cool For School's first store is located at SM Mall Of Asia. MOA is really far from my place so it took me a few days before I could go and visit the store. I just got back from there a while ago... and let me tell you, I think I just found a newest obsession. Great for me, not so great for my wallet ;)

I'm sorry I didn't take any photos of the store itself because I was too busy swatching every. single. thing. from the brand! All their products are amazing bar the lipsticks which are all too glossy/shimmery for me. Aside from cosmetics, they also have a line of skincare, scrubs, perfumes and makeup brushes. The price range is okay - definitely a lot more expensive compared to Etude House, Tony Moly, etc. After questioning the SA, she told me that "yes, TSFC is more expensive than said brands because they're more "high-end" and they have better quality products". And, that was that. (Speaking of their SA, I love them! Super friendly and nice!)

I went home with: Must Have! Remover Stick (Php220+) - a product very similar to Almay Oil-Free Remover Stick. A travel size version of their After School BB Foundation Lunch Box (Php229). The full size, if I'm not mistaken, was priced at Php1028. I was already wearing foundation so I didn't get to swatch it directly on my face - but it was pretty promising so I got the mini version to try out first. My Mom got the Virgin Gloss Stick in Shine Sweet Peach (Php800+) which is a sort of lipstick-lipgloss hybrid. I got the McGirly Smoothie Pack Lemon + White Rice (Php59) for free!

I was adamant to not leave the store without buying anything from the Dinoplatz line. I originally wanted to buy the Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion in Mother of Pearl but after my failed dabble on luminizers, I was a bit wary of it. Plus the price (Php1k+) was a little too much for me. So I settled for the Dinoplatz Lost Identity in the shade Lost in Hawaii (Php605) which is, ironically, a sort of glossy stick.

Full review for all of these in a little while!

I really, really want to hoard more but I'm going to road test all these first before I splurge on more products. :D I have my eyes on the roll-on perfume (it smells so fresh!), Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser, Egg Mousse Pack cleanser, Marshmallow Puff (dupe for the Beauty Blender) and the Art Class Blusher.

Too Cool For School
2nd flr Entertainment Level, SM Mall of Asia.
Find Yabu, exit through the door nearest it, then turn right. It's across Etude House.

**If SM MOA is too far from you, fret not, they're opening another branch in SM North Edsa this coming June! :)



  1. I really want to try anything from this brand. I love their packaging! So cute! unfortunately, you can´t get them here in Spain! :(

    Nice blog you have here! I'm your Newest follower!


  2. Such cute packaging. Your blog is lovely!



  3. @Lou: Aww, it's sad that you can't get them there! I don't think they have any stores outside of Asia as of now! x

  4. @MoreThanPinkGlitter: Thank you very much! x :)

  5. I would love to try this out!

  6. Ooh, I've never heard of this brand- it looks adorable! Thanks for sharing :)


  7. Yey! Finally nakapunta ka na. Natuwa ako dun sa travel-size bb cream nila, the one you bought. At least people can get to try it before buying the full-size.

    Did you find the store too dim? Feeling ko I couldn't really see the true colors of the lipsticks and blushers kasi madyadong dim and yellow yung store nila.

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to their store.

  9. Now I want to go to MOA! Thanks for shariiiiiiing!<3 Recommend make up to buy in HK again? I'm going next week!:>

  10. @lovelyinlipstick, Jen27: Thank you so much for dropping by! x :)

  11. @Rae: Nako it was a little dark na there. I had to go near the window while I was swatching things :/ Sana they improve on their lighting next time!

  12. @Gelai: Go! Buti ka pa malapit lapit sayo MOA! Haha I will tweet you! :D

  13. You came home with some great stuff! The design is just to die for, everything is so cute especially the dinoplatz products. And thank you for including directions to the store - with a mall like MOA, simply stating "MOA" means we have to go hunting T.T

  14. Just got my Too Cool For School makeup haul today! I bought the Art class blusher in pink, the quick-drying waterproof eyeliner, and a peachy-colored lipstick. I'm coming back for more, absolutely! I'm aiming to get those multipurpose paints. The red one is so pigmented when I swatched it in the store