Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Garnet

A couple of weeks ago, Maybelline offered a 50% off on all shades from their Color Sensational Jewels line. The Jewels line, if I'm not mistaken, is exclusively sold in Asia. I'm still hoping that Maybelline Ph will release the Whispers and the Vivids lines here! Those shades in those two range are gorgeous to boot!

Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Garnet (Php199 down from Php399) is a gorgeous red-berry shade that goes on sheer when applied on the lips. But when used to its full opacity, it is exactly how I envisioned MAC Rebel to be. Sadly, Rebel looks like a bright fuchsia on me. So imagine my surprise when I swatched this at the counter and saw how insanely similar it is to Rebel - Red Garnet is just deeper and darker. P E R F E C T.

Aptly called The Jewels, Red Garnet has a very shiny (read: glossy not frosty) finish. The colors in the range all corresponds to a stone jewel: Red Garnet, Amethyst Ablaze, Berry Brilliant, Fuchsia Crystal, Refined Wine and Rubylicious.

As per most glossy lipsticks, this doesn't have the longest staying power. Because it's also a sheer lipstick, it would disappear after you eat. But if layered on, I assure you, this would leave a stain - thus lasting a little bit longer. It has a strong synthetic candy scent, so if you're wary about scented-lipstick, I'd stay away from this line. Other than that, I think The Jewels is definitely worth your money - it being discounted to half its original price is not a bad thing either! ;)

How do you like Maybelline lipsticks? :)



  1. gorgeous colour on you

    Carrieanne x

  2. Oh wow what an amazing lipstick.. I love Maybelline lipsticks normally, but this is just so lovely! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Amazing shade! Maybelline Color Sensationals are just lovely, loved thia color. xx

  4. Wow... great shade! Never thought Maybelline could come up with something so pigmented.

  5. How exciting that it's so similar to MAC Rebel! It's interesting how brands release different lines internationally - hope you get a hold of the Vivids soon :)

  6. I want it! Even if I won't really use it as much as my pinks and lip tints, I think the shade would suit me more than reds.