Lipstick Week Day 7: Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Taffetas

If you've been following me on Twitter, you'd know that I recently swapped my Tom Ford lipstick to this Givenchy Le Rouge. A bit of an unfair exchange (cost-wise) but knowing how much I like the Le Rouge's formula, and coupled with the thought that I can't just seem to like how that certain TF lipstick look on my lips, I gave in.

Givenchy Le Rouge in 201 Rose Taffetas ($36) is described as a "light pink coral" but honestly, it pulls a little too warm on me to be described as "light." Nonetheless, it is gorgeous. Like the Brun Createur, Rose Taffetas gives a very opaque, semi-matte finish. It will also stay on forever - or at least until after you eat and drink.

The Le Rouge is encased in, by far, the most sophisticated looking lipstick packaging I've ever seen - it's clad in a silver metal casing with genuine lambskin leather. The Givenchy logo is also embossed in both the bullet and the lipstick itself. While the Tom Ford Private Blend looks very masculine-chic, the Le Rouge screams luxe. The only downside for me is that the packaging doesn't fully close - wriggle the bullet a bit, and the lipstick will fall out. It's kind of annoying and inconvenient as I can't really just chuck this inside my bag. Or did I just get a dud?

I'm itching to buy 307 Grenat Initie next - but I honestly have too many red lipsticks already! (I also still really want Tom Ford Wild Ginger................... not to mention Giorgio Armani #400 The Red.)

What will be your next lipstick purchase? ;)


Lipstick Week has finally come to an end. I feel kind of at lost to know that I won't be writing about lipsticks anymore (I mean in an every day basis - watch me review another lipstick by next week), except I'm kind of relieved also, to be honest. I thought that writing about lipsticks would be the easiest thing ever seeing as it's my absolute favorite, but nope.. IT'S SO HARD. :o

Here are the rules for this tag (copy-pasted from Carina's blog)
  • Make seven blog posts about Lipstick Week. #LipstickWeek it if you’re on Twitter!
  • Post full reviews or quick swatches of your favorite shades.
  • You can follow my schedule, pick your own or combine my ideas with yours. You need 7 posts.
  • Please post your first link in a comment on this post so I can follow your series :)
  • (ADDITIONAL) Tag 7 more when you’re done to keep Lipstick Week alive!
I'm not so sure if they will actually do this but what the hey:
  1. Lena of Sleep and Water
  2. Jennie of Sailor Jennie
  3. Seonaid of Beauty and Baggage (who's btw, my first blogger friend haha!)
  4. Wendy of Fashionable Heart
  5. Coco of The Beauty Milk
  6. Helen of Lucky Citrine
  7. Bea of The Dalaga Project



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  2. The color of this lipstick is really pretty and looks really beautiful on you!

  3. I must say, the color looks stunning on you! Your posts on Lipstick Week were so fun. I love Wet'n'Wild Cherrybomb on you btw. Thank you for tagging me! xx

  4. The color look so good and lovely on you! :)

  5. This is a lovely, understated pink on you! Love how it gives just a touch of brightness while still remaining soft. The packaging is gorgeous too. I've yet to try a Tom Ford lipstick but I've been lusting over one for ages. Thanks for tagging me :) Incidentally, I am writing up a post about my Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick collection which has 7 shades (in the creme finish) - maybe that can substitute for Lipstick Week? :p

  6. @Stephanie From a swap! You can buy it at Sephora though! :)