Lipstick Week Day 6: How to Look Dead

...or a little post on how you to find a nude shade that will work best for you.

Step 1: Choose a color that is at least 1 shade darker than your skin color.

Don't make the same mistakes that I did:

Gosh Darling
Topshop Lips in Nevada
Nevada, Darling

Remember when Gosh Darling was all the rage 4-5 years ago? Everyone and their mothers seem to own a tube of that lipstick. Literally every. single. blog I followed then has reviewed Darling, and because I'm such a sheep - I bought one myself. Never mind that I was at least 3-4 shades darker than those bloggers, I just had to have one. Big, big mistake. Hello, corpse-like lips! It looks to be a white-based lipstick with some hints of peach. Take MAC Myth and make it 100x LIGHTER. Lesson learned: not everything that looks good on other people will look good on you. Except, to be honest, nobody looked good in Gosh Darling.

Of course, fast forward to 3 years, I still didn't learn now, did I? I just had to buy Topshop Lips in Nevada. Nevada is in the same category (uber pale) except it's slightly more pink than Darling. It's slightly easier to pull off, but unless I go with a heavy smokey eye (which I never do) I just can't make this lipstick work.

Both are great layered on with another lipstick though. The best way is to use either of these two under a bright lipstick! ;)

Do you have your own makeup mistake/s? :)



  1. Great post! Makes you wonder what the hype about Gosh Darling was all about ... and how susceptible we are to buying into the latest hype :p Lipstick, like anything else, is so much dependent on your skin tone and other factors and one lipstick can look totally different from person to person. Some of my favourite nudes are Revlon Soft Nude, Rimmel Nude Delight and MAC Shy Girl :)

  2. I owned gosh darling too and it looked awful on me! I really like pinky nude lip shades and at the moment I'm lusting over MAC shy girl!

    Jennie xo |