Lipstick Week Day 3: Channeling my inner Khaleesi

...with NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl ($25/Php1350). ♥ I bought this on a whim in Sephora last April when they were offering the deluxe sample of Givenchy Le Rouge as the month's Beauty Insider perk. I needed an excuse to get the 100-pt perk (I was short 15 points), so in my online basket this lipstick went. I tried selling this online (unused, with box), but no one was buying it - I took that as a sign that I need to try it on myself, so I did. & holey moley I am sooo glad I did!

(L-R: After 3 hours with lunch; 6 hours total - with shower included, yeees I forgot I was wearing it!)

Dragon Girl is honestly the most beautiful shade of red I've ever encountered so far. It's a bright blue-based red with very strong cherry undertone. In fact, in some lights, it actually looks a little fuchsia. I tend to shy away from bright reds (I still can't wear Russian Red out!) - I prefer my reds to be deeper and darker, but I think this might be the exception.

The formula of Dragon Girl is creamy with a matte finish. Surprisingly, this isn't drying at all - it's not very moisturizing either, but eh.. at least it doesn't make my lips look parched and shriveled. This is in a pencil form, so you need to sharpen it once the tip dulls down. I wish it was a retractable pencil instead! It would save so much product, and it would be a lot more convenient.

The wear-time of the lipstick is fantastic - I can wear this for 6 hours straight with just a little fading. But as seen in the photos above, it is definitely not water-resistant heh ;) I noticed little transferring whenever I wear this, so I think you can definitely wear this out the whole day with no need to retouch.

Have you found a new lipstick favorite? :)



  1. You look amazing, and the lip color suits you well! Seems like all Nars products are perfect :)

  2. OMG what a beautiful lip colour. I've never tried any of NARS' lip products, I really need to give into the hype xx

    Gemma |

  3. wow! that lipstick is gorgeous!

  4. In the FOTD it has an orange tint to it. Kinda like MAC ruby woo.

  5. @Stephanie, Gemma, Grazie: thank you! <3

    @Rae: Picasa's altering the color a bit :( No hints of orange at all! :)

  6. This is a pretty great colour. Pretty tempted to buy it now xD uuuuhh

  7. I'd like to try this color, since I'm starting to warm up to mattes. Dragon Girl is a little confusing as it looks pinkish in some shots and orangey in others. :)) Need to haul ass to the store to swatch!