Lipstick Week Day 2: Pinks

(L-R) Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink, Wet n Wild Smokin' Hot Pink, Revlon Pink Pout, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon, Sephora Royal Raspberry, Topshop Ooh La La, Topshop Brighton Rock, MAC Faux and Tom Ford Spanish Pink

I'm taking a page out of Carina's book, and writing about all my pink lipsticks for Day 2 of Lipstick Week (I did a red lipstick collection here, if you're interested). I don't splurge all that much when it comes to pink lipsticks - mainly because I don't wear that color all too often. Although 9 pinks is already quite excessive, huh?

Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink was a surprise buy - I don't normally gravitate towards local brands, but I really honestly liked this (that sentence made me sound like such a huge snob). I like EB's matte lipstick line, to be honest. It's cheap (I think it cost around Php120/$3) and it last fairly long. Off Beat Pink is darker and brighter than what's pictured above. It's such a good shade to slap on when you want a little pop of color on your lips. Wet n Wild Smokin' Hot Pink is one of the shades included in the brand's Megalast line (this is my ultimate favorite drugstore lipstick line!). It's not very "smoking hot pink" really, it's more of a warm (& bright), raspberry pink.

Revlon Pink Pout is a cool-toned pink - so cool that it already looks quite lilac. I forgot to take photos of the Revlon Pink in the Afternoon but I have reviewed it here. I swear Picasa is altering the color of my photos ugh Sephora Royal Raspberry isn't that red at all - it is suuuch a gorgeous shade of fuchsia! Despite how shocking the shade is, I find it very easy to wear. Heads up: a Sephora representative said that this shade is very close to Givenchy Le Rouge in Fuchsia Irresistible! ;) Here's my first review of it.

Topshop lipsticks are a big favorite of mine - they have a good range of shades and finishes, the formula is very comparable to MAC's, and it's cheaper! It's not available locally, but you can buy it online! Topshop Ooh La La is more coral than pink, and it's also more vibrant than how it's pictured above. Topshop Brighton Rock is a warm bright pink color that has a semi-matte finish. I don't wear this often because it has the tendency to make my teeth look yellow! :( Shame because it's very flattering on.

MAC Faux is a pale, cool-toned pink - though not as cool as Revlon Pink Pout. This is my go-to pink shade whenever I can't decide on what lipstick to wear! I really like how this shade doesn't make me look like a corpse despite it being cool-toned. Tom Ford Spanish Pink is the prettiest ♥ It's not actually a unique shade per se, I'm sure you can find a dupe of this in the drugstore. But I love how it makes me look "younger and fresher". I do have to say, I am not the biggest fan of its formula.

How many pink lipsticks do you own? :)



  1. I own way too many lipsticks!

    I love this post, and all the photos as I love seeing what colours look like on people rather than just swatches!

    Love your blog, followed! I can't wait for more.

    If you have a spare minute it would be great if you could check out my blog too!
    Beauty Baroness ☮♥

  2. I don't wear pinks often either! Hehe. Great picks! Also, I didn't know you could order Topshop cosmetics online :0

  3. @Sarah: Thank you! I find full face shots reaaaally helpful, too! Will check your blog out! :)

    @Carina: Yeees! Through their US site! Then I just use my Gcash-Amex! :)

  4. Where'd you buy the topshop lipsticks? :) Been curious about them since seeing them from UK blogs and youtubers.


  5. Hi CJ! I got some in Singapore & Vegas. But you can order online through their US website! Buy it via Gcash-Amex! :) xo

  6. I love the colors of the last two! Looks fresh and natural. :)

  7. Love your review. But you shouldn't put the Buddha's head as a background

  8. Love your review. But you should't put the Buddha's head as a background.

  9. @xtg: Sorry if it offended you in any way (it wasn't my intention), but the pink Buddha you see in the photo is used purely as an interior design and nothing else.