Wishlist 001

(Okay, this isn't my first wishlist post, but for formality sake..)

If you're following me on Twitter, you'd know how much I have been complaining about the horrendous heat we're experiencing right now. 33-35C (91.4-95F) every. single. freaking. day. It's actually not that bad if it wasn't so humid! (38C wasn't a big of a deal for me when I was in Vegas - dry heat, bring it on!) It's just crazy, I swear the summers before weren't this hot. Oh, Global warming.

Anyway, I've been holed up inside my room, embracing the heat air-condition on full blast, watching Downton Abbey while trying to write. As per usual, being stuck inside a room makes me want. Want to travel, want to leave this country, want to get away, want things (and by things I mean: makeup!) And so, I present to you my current wishlist:

NARS And God Created Woman palette - The most beautiful eye palette ever. Period. I'm crossing my fingers that Sephora will still have this once they go on sale (on the 12th, 15% off)!
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Light - My Laura Mercier Silk Creme just isn't cutting it, it keeps slipping off my face by midday! I need something long-wearing and light for this weather.
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Sable - I read somewhere that Kate Middleton uses this for her eyebrows. So, of course I have to have it. What the princess have, the peasant me should have, too!
Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Eyeliner in Dark Chocolate - Hooray for a non-high end wish? Etude House Sweet Recipe line is adorable! I want a couple more things from the line, and I've already asked someone who's in Korea to get me some. Mmm mm.
Givenchy Le Rouge Fuchsia Irresistible - Aside from the Photo Perfexion foundation, I've never been really interested in Givenchy beauty products. Until this one, that is. It's their newest line of lipstick, and they are gorgeous! This color caught my eye the most. I already have the Sephora Color Lip Last in Royal Raspberry which I think is a pretty similar color though.
& Other Stories Sateen Aubergine quad and Organza Coral blusher - I've been stalking their website since they launched it. What a wonderful brand, that's all that I can say. ♥ They don't ship to the US (and the Philippines) but luckily, I know someone who can buy it for me. I think I'm going to give their blusher a go.
NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Palais Royale and Luxembourg - What is up with NARS now that makes me want everything from the brand? Just like Givenchy, I wasn't very interested in NARS (except for their blushes). I think what turns me off this brand is their rubber packaging (and the fact that they don't include a pump with their foundation what is up with that?!)

What's on your wishlist? ;)



  1. Good picks! I've been wanting to try the Nars lipsticks too! Great blog, New Follower!


  2. Awe, can we trade ;)? It's been so cold over here in Belgium (1-10C) which I'm so frustrated about. I wanna wear summer dresses and I wanna put my wintercoat (which I'm still wearing all the time) somewhere in the back of my closet.

    But anyway, I love your picks! I also really wanna try the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation light, and I also think that Nars and God created woman palette is absolutely gorgeous!

    <3 nathalista.blogspot.com

  3. @specialsmakeup4u04 Thank you! They look really promising, aren't they? <3

  4. @Nathalie: YES PLEASE! Haha I'd love to experience winter - summer all year round isn't too much fun, I'll tell you!

    Ahhh if only they weren't too expensive! x

  5. Lovely blog!

    New follower

  6. I love the NARS adn god created woman palette! so cute



  7. The Nars palette looks so gorgeous. Definitely on my wishlist as well.

    Quite curious about your blogs name. Being Norwegian it caught my attention.

    xx, Sara from www.beautytalkbys.blogspot.com

  8. @Sara: I forgot all about my lemming for the UD Naked Palette when I saw this!

    Oh, "Norwegian Elephant" was just a phrase I got from the TV series Fringe! ;P

  9. Great wishlist!
    Wanna follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Let me know!
    Kisses, Gabi

  10. @Gabi: Thank you! I will visit your blog! x :)