Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in Spanish Pink

Pardon the over saturated photos above. I'll do better next time!

Yes, I'm quite aware that I just reviewed a TF lipstick just a couple of months ago but as I said, the shade and I didn't really get along well. And now, would you look at that...... another purchase. There is a special place in hell for unsatisfied people like me. (No, I didn't keep Pink Adobe!)

This is exactly how it looks on me. Yes, I have about 6 inches of regrowth - I need to visit a salon soon.

Tom Ford Spanish Pink ($48) is the prettiest pinky nude shade I've ever came across with. And I'm telling you, I have tried a lot of lipsticks over the years. ♥ You'll notice some flecks of glitters on the tube, but it looks very natural on the lips - not too shiny, not matte. It has a slight sheen but it's not glossy. Surprisingly, as I was taking it off, I noticed some micro shimmers left on my lips. Weird seeing as you can't really see it on the lips. Spanish Pink is very pigmented, but it's a little streaky on application. Wear time is pretty decent at 3-4 hours without eating.

Tom Ford makes great cosmetics but I just realized that there really isn't anything special with his lipstick except for the fact that they're very creamy and pigmented. But, I can get that with any MAC lipstick! Even Revlon lipsticks, to be honest. It really just boils down to the gorgeous packaging, the name (& the bragging rights), isn't it? For almost $55 (including tax), realistically speaking, I don't think I'll ever buy one again.

....Until I give in to Wild Ginger, that is. Maybe.

Speaking of new lemmings, have you seen Givenchy's new line of lipsticks? I just found out about it after getting Sephora's newsletter last week! The packaging is to D I E for. Real leather? Silver bullet? Studs? Beautiful. Givenchy Le Rouge Fuchsia Irresistible. You will be mine.

Any new "wants" this week? ;)



  1. I love your blog so much. Its very informative and very well laid out. I happened to just stumble across it and I'm super glad that I did ! :)

    I have recently started my own beauty and fashion blog and maybe you could check it out if you get chance and maybe give me some feedback on it :) Thanks in advance if you do.

    xo Krystal-Marie

  2. @Krystal: Oh, you're too nice! Thank you! Will check out your blog! x :)

  3. What a lush lipstick!! It's beautiful xx

  4. THIS just made it in my WANTS week for this week!
    Beautiful color, Romz! And suuper bagay sayo :) Love your hair here too :)

  5. @Shari: Nako, go by it! I bet bagay sayo! Thank you! x :)

  6. Girrrrl, di ko pa kaya mag-splurge ng 2500 on a lipstick! :0

  7. @Shari: Haha! Ako rin, never again na siguro! :p Tama na isang TF :)) x