Hello, runbarbierun. So long norwegianelephant, you will be missed. Yes, I finally bit the bullet, and got myself my own domain name! I have been using the username runbarbierun for all my social media platforms for years now, so why not use it on my blog, too? The new name just feels a lot more personal yet still professional, don't you think?

In that note, I have also revamped the whole look of my blog, and opted for a simpler, more minimalistic design. What do you think of it?



  1. @ Seonaid: Thank you! Now all I have to do is figure out the comment section! It's such a mess! Haha x

  2. This is my fave of all the layouts you've used/created.

  3. Thank you Rae! This is my favorite, too! Haha! :) x