Givenchy Le Rouge in 103 Brun Createur

I tried quite a few high end lipstick, but wasn't very impressed with them save for the Burberry Lip Cover. I mentioned on a wishlist before that I want the Givenchy Le Rouge in Fuchsia Irresistible.. I wanted to buy it immediately, but I didn't want to spend that much money only to be disappointed afterwards if I didn't like the its formula.

As luck would have it, a deluxe sample of the Givenchy Le Rouge was included in this month's Sephora 100-point perk. Of course I grabbed the chance, and ordered one. Me and several hundred others, apparently! After a day (or two), this particular deluxe sample sold out. A big pat on the back for you if you got one. Packaged in a tiny cardboard box filled with fancy paper wrappers, lies the best high end lipstick I have ever tried. Ever.

Givenchy Le Rouge in Brun Createur ($36/full size) isn't a shade ('dusty rose') that I would personally pick - muted rose colors aren't my kind of lipstick shade. I was also wary of the "specially formulated scent" of mimosa and blackcurrant. Apprehensions aside, I applied it on my lips and was shocked at how pigmented it was. One swipe. ONE. That is all it took for it to be this opaque. The scent wasn't noticeable on my lips, either. Color me surprise.

I also found that it glides smoothly on my lips, but it stays on - it doesn't slip or slide. The creaminess of the lipstick combined with the semi-matte finish made the lipstick very moisturizing yet still long lasting. After 4-5 hours it will lose its shine, but the color will stay, I promise you. Here's a run down of what I ate during the entire day that I first wore this: pasta, mashed potato, bacon & potato salad, pizza and fries. The lipstick? Still there. Impressive, huh?

I intend to purchase a full-size of this if only to have that beautiful bullet clad in real leather. As I said I'm looking at Fuchsia Irresistible but I think it's a little too close to my Sephora Color Lip Last in Royal Raspberry. Maybe I'll look into their nudes. Or reds. Mmm.

The Givenchy Le Rouge is in a league of its own. If you have the cash to burn and is looking for a new high-end lipstick to try, look no further - this is it. Tom Ford has nothing on this, so save your extra $12, for real.

What's on your lips right now? :)



  1. That's such a pretty shade! At the moment I am loving my
    Dior addict extreme lipstick in paparazzi- a gorgeous berry
    A MakeupHabit

  2. @AMakeupHabit: It is! I just saw it on your blog, and it really is super gorgeous! x :)

  3. Such a gorgeous lipstick - very pretty :) x

  4. Hello lovely, I just came across your blog randomly. I love the name it is really quirky! I have to also compliment you on your photography it's brilliant - what camera do you use?

    At the moment I am wearing Kate No 12 from Rimmel. Its like a peachy/coral shade.

    Love L (newest follower) A Scottish Lass

  5. Hello Laura! I use my Canon 400d with just the standard kit lens for these photos! x :)