Forever 21 Love & Beauty's Nail Polish

I'm normally a fan of Love & Beauty nail polishes because they're relatively cheap (around P240+) and they perform really well. The formula is also not too runny yet it isn't thick that it makes it too hard to work with. The color selection is amazing: they range from pale pastels to bright neons. The brush reminds me of OPI's: wide yet sturdy. Although honestly, the polish itself smells a little off - it reminds me strongly of the scent of freshly dried paint.

Pardon the uneven application

While on the queue to pay for some dresses, I chanced upon their nail polish display and after puttering around, I finally picked out this shade. The first thing that caught my eye was the color: a bright fuchsia. Hello, my greatest weakness, we meet again.

I applied it as soon as I got home, but got instantly disappointed once I saw how it dries. The finish is a cross between matte & shiny - it's weird. It feels smooth to the touch but it looks chalkboard-dry. It doesn't do any good on my fingers either, except that it ages my hands like no other. It doesn't have a particularly good staying power - chipping after only a couple of days.

I have tried other Love & Beauty Nail Polishes, and they weren't like this. They were actually at par with the likes of my Orly, OPI nail polishes. I guess there's always a bad apple that spoils the bunch.

What's on your nails right now? :)



  1. My only nailpolish from Love & Beauty is red. I used it once pa lang. :)

    My nails are beautied by nail stickers right now. Lol. They're convenient and has really nice prints. And cheap!

  2. I'm rocking two of Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Colour in Mighty Mango and a white colour of the same series that I can not for the life of me remember. These polishes are lovely. I love 'em.

    I don't know if I'd ever use Love & Beauty polishes because they aren't the consistently I'd personally like (a tad bit too runny for my liking) and the smell throws me off way too much. But the colours are absolutely lovely.


  3. Oh it's a shame this didn't turn out to good as the colour is super pretty! xx