Etude House Bubble Coloring in Mocha Pink

I picked up Etude House Bubble Coloring in Mocha Pink (Php398) while I was walking around SM North Edsa a few days ago. I told you on a post before that I have 6 inches of regrowth, so I really needed to color my hair. I usually use Revlon hair dyes but I wanted to try to what's all the fuss about bubble hair dyes.

It came with an instruction manual but it's all written in Korean. It wasn't that hard to understand what the graphics were saying though, so all you need to know is a bit of graphics interpretation and instinct. :p There are hundreds of tutorial online for this particular dye so you won't have a hard time, really.

Step by step guide:
1. Mix the two solutions - pour the one in the sachet into the bottle with the pump
2. Secure the cap, then tilt it 180° then back again for 6-7 times. You can feel the solution heating up - don't worry about it.
3. Don the cape and the gloves provided
4. Pump the solution, then apply on your hair from your roots to the tips. After applying it all throughout your hair, pile up all your hair on top of your head. This is apparently quite important - I'm not really sure why :P
5. Wait for 30-45 minutes, rinse off with water. You hair is going to be really crunchy and dry, but don't fret, just use the "Silky Perfume Treatment" then wash off.

TIP: When applying the dye, start from the outside part of your hair then go in. Don't scrimp on the application - you can only use the solution once!

I don't actually have an Ombré hair - I just gotten a little too lazy to continuously dye my hair haha. Anyway, as you can see in the photo, the color change isn't very noticeable except the tips where it got a bit darker than my previous color. The tips are still lighter than the root area but at least now the gradient is more subtle, and it's a lot less brassy than before.

It's better under direct sunlight - I can almost see some hints of pinks on my hair here.

Overall, Etude House Bubble Coloring is nice and really easy to use, but it's not the best boxed hair dye I've used. It doesn't penetrate the old hair color as much as Revlon or L'oreal so there will be unevenness when it comes to the final color. Although the good news is, it means it's not as harsh on your hair as the others. I say, a win-win.



  1. Now I sorta want to try and dye my hair na! (Coloring virgin). Pero it's sooooo long na.

  2. i find that Korean Hair coloring products are far more superior than the others, so I make sure that's what I use when I get my hair dyed in salons :P

    Followed you via GFC, hope you follow me back ;)

  3. Looks like it turned out really well! I've never tried boxed hair dye (I've never coloured my hair) but it seems like it'd be fun to experiment one day :)

  4. @Gelai: Try it! Buy 2 box dyes para sure! Haha :) x

  5. Thank you Sam! I've never tried other Korean dyes before! What are your suggestions? :D

  6. @Lena: Yes, it is! Try semi-permanent dyes so it won't ruin your hair! :)

  7. Your hair looks so nice! I am dying to try Etude House, just the packaging alone is great :) - Boho Vanity

  8. Your hair looks so nice! I am dying to try Etude House, just the packaging alone is great :) - Boho Vanity

  9. I also used mocha Pink and I loved it on my hair! =)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Loving your blog especially the minimalistic design!

  10. I've never tried this ever since. haha! coz every time I colored my hair, I use the L'oreal. :) is it drying po ba?

  11. @Tan tan: It's a bit drying! Pero the deep conditioner included helped a lot! :) I use Pantene's Mask din once a week, now my hair condition is just like how it was before I dyed it! :)

  12. Have you tried Beauty Labo? It's cheaper than Palty pero I find it less drying :)

    Stumbled upon your blog thanks to Rae of scatterbraintures <3