Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche ($68/30ml) is described to have an "unexpected floral bursts with a lightness and zest as notes of citrus, Water Hyacinth and Jasmine Absolute are highlighted and energized with woody notes of Amber of Patchouli and Fresh Vetiver." In short (and as the name implies) it smells wonderfully fresh. This has a great mix of floral and citrus, but oddly, the dry down has some hints of musk in it. It's a charming little perfume that delights me every time I use it. This one packs a mean punch so one spritz is all I ever need for it to last the whole day.

I have half a dozen of perfumes that I rotate during the day, but this is the only one that I exclusively use during special occasions (i.e. weddings, birthdays, reunions). It's not my favorite perfume per se (that goes to Chloe EDP), but don't you like that feeling when you get a whiff of something, and you think "oh, I used that perfume in so & so's wedding!" - then you remember how utterly beautiful that event is? I like the feeling of nostalgia. It makes me happy.

Do you have a "special" perfume? :)



  1. I have yet to find my special scent. :D I use different fragrances almost everyday, depending on the weather or my mood. :P

  2. This perfume sounds lovely, I love the smell of Jasmine especially. I use Coco Chanel for special occasions and like you have several perfumes lol, xoxo.

  3. @Inez: I've never tried Coco Chanel! I must have a sniff of it soon! x :)

  4. This perfume is one of my favorite!
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    Kisses, Gabi

  5. I've had whiffs of this at the store and always think it smells gorgeous! My special perfume is Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy xx

  6. @Coco: I have a sample of Viva La Juicy, and I looove it! It smells so feminine! x :)