What's in My Bag? (March 2013)

The last time I did a What's In My Bag post was back in October of 2011 (you can see the post here)! I used to lug around too many unnecessary things which made my bag SUPER heavy to carry. Over the years months I've learned to dispose of things, and just carry what is actually essential for everyday use. My bag is from Cotton On - unfortunately, it's not available online anymore, but you can still buy it in stores (it's only PHP790)! Isn't it such a knockoff for the Proenza Schouler PS11?! Ahh someday I'll have the real thing, but for now I'll settle for this!

  • Topshop Studded wallet which holds my cash, cards, junks (ie receipts) and a Goody hair tie
  • iPhone 4s and earphones I have yet to buy an earphone winder so the earphone won't magically tangle up anymore
  • Keys I'm more interested to discuss my keychains to be honest: A London post office thingie, a discoball from Madame Tussauds HK and a wire art "float" keychain from Anagon!
  • Hand Sanitizer Citrus Crush from Bath & Body Work. It smells... awful. Kind of like the pine tree car freshener? 
  • MAC lipstick in Cherish My usual.
  • Medicine Kit The paranoid in me cannot live without this!
  • Mini wet wipes from Watsons Handy little thing. It's smaller than my iPhone!
What's in yours? :)

Oh by the way, I changed my layout! What do you think of it? :D



  1. Nice new layout. I should really do one of these What's In My Bag posts too. Thanks for the idea and I'll link back to you once it's done.

  2. @Maita: I love what's in my bag posts! Looking forward to seeing what's in yours! xx

  3. Those mini wet wipes from watsons are the bomb. The green ones smell the best for me.

  4. @Rae: Hindi ko kasi maamoy haha kung anong kulay lang kinuha ko :p I'll try the green one next! Thank you! xx