Topshop blush in Up In The Air

I had a rather unfortunate history with cream blushes. A godmother gifted me a Mary Kay cream blush when I was a teenager, and not only does it smell bad, it was also so sticky, I vowed to never buy another cream-based anything the next time. However, the launch of Topshop cosmetics changed my view on cream blushes. Topshop Blush in Up In The Air ($12/39RM) was a blush duo included in the recent Topshop x Louise Gray collection.

(Pardon the abrupt change in lighting, it was getting dark so I had to up the ISO)

The neon green packaging isn't my favorite - it looks very childish, in my opinion. I prefer the simple white packaging that the Core Collection has. The loud color of this reminds me of those fake makeup you used to play with when you were a kid. But it's what inside that counts, right? Because as I said before, Topshop blushes are one of the best cream blushes I've ever own. It's cheap, stays on really well, and has a beautiful cream-to-powder finish.

I bought this one while on a trip in Malaysia. I was supposed to buy Neon Rose but it was 35RM and this duo was only 4 ringgit more expensive, so I bought Up In The Air instead. The coral shade reminds me of another Topshop blush I own called Head Over Heels. The coral color in this duo is more orange with absolutely no hints of pink in it. It's really, really lovely. It brightens up my face, and looks very natural. The purple shade, however, looks absolutely terrible on me! I'm thinking this shade would suit lighter skin tones instead because it looks very unnatural on me.

I'm trying to build up my cream blush collection, and I'm torn between Stila Convertible and Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow. Have you tried either of it? :)

What's your favorite cream blush? :)



  1. wow the color looks gorgeous on you! i don't have a single cream blush in my collection yet so i'm looking forward to checking this out in person! :)

    maxine || <3

  2. @Maxine: Thank you! :) I wish we have this available locally so it would be easier to find! :( x

  3. @Mitha: They are! The coral one, most especially! x :)