Tony Moly Prestige Carat Dual Concealer

What's a better way to show you how amazing a concealer works than showing you my bare face with 3 whopping zits? That's right, none. Getting rid of all the redness - check! Blurring out my acne scars - check! Covering the three aforementioned spots - check! Affordability - CHECK! What magical product warrant this much praise? Well, this:

MUFE pulled out of the country about a month ago, and for fear that I will run out of my favorite concealer, I decided to hunt down a new (and much more affordable) one that's still available locally. It all happened one day while I was strolling around SM Megamall, and decided to have a quick stop at Tony Moly. I honestly do not know what I was expecting, I've never been inside, and I didn't know anything about their products. Good thing a sales attendant came to my rescue! I asked her to recommend me a full cover concealer that won't budge all day, and she told me to give this product a try.

I haven't had too much luck when it comes to Korean makeup. Granted I've only tried two - a BB Cream from The Face Shop & a Missha blush - both of which disappointed me so very badly I refuse to talk about them any longer. The Tony Moly Prestige Dual Concealer (P628) however, is a product I can rave about all day forever. As the name implies, it comes with two concealer - a stick concealer (peach-toned) and a liquid one (yellow-toned). I use the stick concealer to erase all the scarring on my checks and as a corrector for my dark undereye circles. The liquid concealer, however, I use on top of the "corrector" as a brightener of some sort. The liquid one is thicker and more pigmented than the stick concealer, so I also use it to cover active zits. I find that this method works best for me since it doesn't feel too heavy on my face (unlike if I use the liquid one all over my face).

Best thing? It doesn't budge all day! I tried removing it by rubbing my face using my hand (hahaha bad I know) to no avail. I also tried removing it with my cleanser, and amazingly, it still won't move. But fear not, it removes easily with just a quick swipe of Bioderma ;)

What concealer do you use? :)



  1. @Gemma: Thank you! The concealer's pretty amazing, isn't it!xx

  2. Currently using benefit's Erase paste. will try Tony Moly, too :-) Thanks for sharing.

    Btw, Gtalker here, Followed you through GFC
    Hope you could follow mine, too

  3. great post!

  4. Wow, that is an amazing concealer! Looks like you're getting a lot of value for money by getting both liquid and stick versions in one. Sad to learn that there is no more MUFE though... :(