AVA.ph + A chance to win a PRADA wallet!

I was browsing through the net one time when I saw this:

Yes, that's a bamboo sound amplifier! It uses no batteries, no electricity - nothing! It's as natural as you can imagine. Also, it's made in the Philippines :) Pretty ingenious, isn't it?! I'm not really sure where to buy this product, so I searched on Google and saw that it's being sold in AVA.ph

Interestingly, the site also sells a lot of proudly Filipino products including Rags2Riches bags, Bambowtie (yes, bowties made of Bamboo!), Twinkle Ferraren swimwear, illustrations by Soleil Ignacio among other things. And do you know they hold weekly raffles so you & your friend can get a chance to win a Prada wallet each? It's easy, too! Just click on this link, put it in your basket then check-out. No worries, it's FREE of charge!

* For consideration, I was contacted by AVA.ph to promote their website



  1. Thanks for sharing, Romila! We love featuring premium, hard-to-find and Philippine-made products on our site, as well as giving away fab stuff to our customers!