Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish

I've always been interested in trying out Soap and Glory products because of the brand's witty slogans & eye-catching product labels. Seriously, show me a product with a good fantastic typography on the label, and I will drool. But sadly the brand isn't available in my country.. I know I can always buy it online, but I'm a cheapskate, and high markups just aren't my friend.

I bought a tub of Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish (39RM/$20) while I was in Malaysia. I wanted so very badly to get Pulp Friction but it was 6 ringgit more expensive than Flake Away, and hell no, that's just not gonna work for me. I'm glad I bought this one though because it's fantastic. The scrub is made out of a mix of sugar and sea salt so it's gritty but not abrasive unlike scrubs that are made out of salt alone. It's very exfoliating - super nice to use a couple of days before you have to shave. It lessens the possibility of ingrown hairs and lengthens the time before I need another shave - so yes, safe to say, I'm a very happy camper.

It also smells deeelicious. If this product was edible, I would have devoured the whole tub in 30 minutes. Lol NO, make that 10 minutes. It smells like sugar, vanilla and peach... I LOVE PEACH-BASED ANYTHING! :* I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging because it can be quite bothersome to open especially if you're using it in a shower stall.. but other than that, I really have no complains.

What's your go-to scrub? :)