(From L-R: Revlon Fabulous Fig, MAC Deeply Adored, MAC Viva Glam III, MAC Russian Red, MAC Diva, MAC Brave Red, *MAC Toxic Tale, Wet n Wild Cherrybomb, Revlon Cherries in the Snow, Revlon Certainly Red, Ever Bilena Scarlet)

Looking at my makeup "collection", I was shocked to find that I have amassed quite a lot of red-based lipsticks. I.... have no idea how that happened. I honestly thought I only had 4 at most. Nope, I have 11. ELEVEN. How.. What... HOW?? I don't even wear reds most of the time! P.S. I still have two reds on my wishlist right now: Burberry Military Red & Tom Ford Wild Ginger (Mmm.. yums).

Brace yourself, this is going to be lengthy. I put on the lipstick directly from the bullet, so pardon the: feathering, chapped lips, uneven application & my oily face.

Revlon Fabulous Fig is the easiest to wear from all the red lipsticks I have on my stash - it's a muted red-brown color.

MAC Deeply Adored is my favorite. FAVORITE. It's so, so beautiful. Definitely a classic Marilyn Monroe lip color!

MAC Viva Glam III is dark. Way, way dark to use on an everyday basis. The shade can get very overwhelming since it has a brown undertone.

MAC Russian Red is the classic shade of red that would suit most skin tone. It's a blue-based red which is a plus since it tends to make your teeth whiter.

MAC Diva is a newest addition to my collection. It's a very dark burgundy. It drags along when applied directly from the tube, but it's well worth the pain of using a lip brush.

MAC Brave Red is a cremesheen finish - a formula that I avoid most of the time because they tend to melt in our country's weather. This was given to me by my cousin's boyfriend though, so.. Mm.. it's a vivid red when applied heavily, but since it's a cremesheen, it can be easily tone down. It's quite glossy, but I find that it doesn't budge on my lips.

MAC Toxic Tale is not quite red, not quite pink, not quite coral. It's a very confusing shade, to be honest. It's gorgeous though! Very, VERY bright and not for the faint heart. It's from the Venomous Villain collection, and is a limited edition, unfortunately.

Wet n Wild Cherrybomb is a great dupe for MAC Prince Noir (included in the MAC Me Over collection). It's darker than diva, the description "black cherry" is spot on for this shade.

Revlon Cherries in the Snow is a beautiful shade that does not translate well on my lips. It's supposed to be a cherry red color, but it's just red with the tinnniest hint of pink on me. Such a shame. Seonaid wears this one so well (go check her out!)

Revlon Certainly Red is such a garish shade of red, in my opinion. It's sooo blue-based it has the tendency to make me look like a clown. There must be something with this lip color though, since this shade has been around for YEARS.

Ever Bilena Scarlet is an orange-based red (*que horror* on your teeth!) I bought this last summer when I was lemming for an orange lipstick, and MAC Morange wasn't in stock at my local MAC store. It's the cheapest lipstick I own, and quite frankly, a very good buy since it's a beautiful shade! I'm not too sure, but I think this is a good alternative for MAC Lady Danger?

How many reds are in your collection? :)


I'm on a makeup detox now! Seriously, I don't have a lot of makeup, but looking at my drawer I keep thinking, "I most definitely can't finish all of these in my lifetime, can I?!" Gosh, such a waste.. I'm going for quality over quantity this year which means not buying drugstore product in the foreseeable future (or until I chance upon something I really, really want).



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  2. I have a lot of reds too but yours are brilliant! Love them all :)
    You've put a lot on my wishlist!
    S xx

  3. Also I forgot to say thanks so much for the mention!
    S xx

  4. That's a lot of red :D Red really isn't a difficult color to wear, but it does take work to do it. I've never been able to pull off red lipstick without doing a full face of makeup. I always just need something to tie it up.

    I have 4 reds in my collection. An orange red and a blue red from my Kryolan Palette, a plum red from my Graftobian Palette, and "Russian Red", another blue based red from MAC which I use on myself.

    Hope you can drop by my blog too. I'm following you on bloglovin'

    Maita Atienza, Makeup Artist

  5. Thats a collection indeed gurl! Love how you pull off RED so well :) Be it blue-tone, reddish-orange or burgundy brown, super bagay lahat sayo :) Ako naman puro pink! Hihi.

  6. @Seonaid: Thank you! Although you pull off reds so much better than me! Haha xx

  7. @Maita: Thank you for the comment! Reds are a bit too much on me though.. not really sure how I accumulated all of those! Haha! xx

  8. @ Sharina: Nako, thank you! :) Bagay sayo mga pink girl! So pretty! xx

  9. Wag na natin pagusapan kung gaano karami ang reds ko, girl! :))

  10. Lovely collection, I think Cherries in the Snow look best on you.

  11. I love this post! I recently got myself a MAC Diva, and I adore it.

    I've only started caring for makeup, and I currently have three reds.

    MAC Ruby Woo - my relationship with it is two tubes in
    Chanel Rogue Allure 99 Coromandel - my everyday wear
    MAC Diva - new for me, but I fancy the shade being darker

    I'm getting a VIVA Glam lippie soon.