Real Techniques Core Collection

I'm sure you're familiar with these brushes by now - you know what? I don't care. I'm so in love with these brushes that I have to dedicate a whole blog post for them. ;) I don't have "high-end" brushes, so I really don't have anything to compared these with aside from my cheap ones.. but I have to say, these are the softest, prettiest brushes I've ever own. Plus plus plus points: THEY DRY SO FAST.

(From photo starting from left-right) The buffing brush is my favorite brush amongst the four included in the set. I use this solely to apply my base. It's perfectly dense in a way that it evenly distributes enough product on my face, and doesn't suck up too much liquid foundation. The contour brush I have yet to find out what it's use is.. I think it's too small to properly apply bronzer, so I've been using this to apply my highlighter (MAC Pink Power) for the mean time. The pointed foundation brush is useless to use for foundation because it's so small! It's perfect for patting in my concealer (MUFE Full Cover) though! The definer brush is actually for concealing, but I use it as a lip brush - quite obvious if you look at the photo.

I got mine from Amazon for $13 (THIRTEEN DOLLARS HOLLA), so I suggest you peruse Amazon first before buying this kit anywhere else. :) Next ones on my list: the Expert Face Brush, Blush Brush & the Stippling Brush!

What's your favorite brush? :)



  1. I love the Real Techniques Core Collection so much! The buffing brush is my absolute favourite brush ever. I use the contour brush mainly for highlight as well, though sometimes for actual contouring (or attempted contouring) as well :p