Malaysia-Singapore trip!

[Huh, I maay have oversaturated these photos... Although to be fair, they weren't like these when I edited them in Lightroom.]

Out trip to Malaysia was a bit too short to my liking.. We legit only had 1 day and a half to tour around the city. First day was spent at Petronas, and walking & shopping around Bukit Bintang. (GO EAT AT CATCH UP! It's near Low Yat Plaza. Suuuuper hot waiter alert ajaja) Also spent the night eating at Jalan Alor (street food!) YUMS. 2nd day was spent in Genting Highlands which was..... okay. Early eaaaarly morning came, and we had to pack up to go to the Airport.

SINGAPORE LAH! :) We stayed at Oasia Hotel in Novena. Quite far (well, not really it's just 4 stops away via MRT) from Orchard. Seeee, that's the beauty of Singapore - you can go anywhere when you know your way around their trains! Anyway, BEST. HOTEL. EVER. So gorgeous! Great location, courteous staff, modern facilities (it's new!), MRT connection at the basement! Loooove.

Went to Universal Studios again - fun but it was horribly hot we didn't really enjoy it. We got to ride the Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster finally (it was still under repair when we went there the first time) - fuuuuntastic. Trolol k. My family went back to Malaysia on the 2nd day to go to Legoland while I stayed in Singapore and met my friend Ysa so we can buy our naughty Tom Ford purchase(s). Our last day was spent at Marina Bay Sands and... Sim Lim (DO NOT GO THERE! Although do eat at the restaurant adjacent the entrance of Sim Lim. It's my Mom's favorite!)

Thailand and Hongkong next!! So happy, can't wait. I LOOOVE ASIA. HAHA YUCKS. Cheese.

Where have you been lately? :)



  1. Great post! It really looks like it was hot during your stay with the overexposed background. But family time is a good time especially when touring Asia. Have fun and can't wait to see more pictures of HK and Siam!

  2. (GO EAT AT CATCH UP! It's near Low Yat Plaza. Suuuuper hot waiter alert ajaja)-- I love this part! HAHAHA.

  3. Love the photos! Looks like your having fun.

  4. You're trip looks awesome...I haven't been there, but I'd love to. I hope I can someday...:)