Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

A month ago, I was looking for a new foundation to replace my Burberry Sheer Foundation which has gotten a little too dark on me now. I was torn between three foundations: a shade down Burberry Sheer, YSL Touche Eclat or Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation. But a little side trip in Sephora Malaysia made me purchase Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (169RM/$42/PHP1800) on a whim. A complete 360 seeing as the Silk Creme is a medium coverage matte foundation while the three others has a light-medium coverage and are on the dewy side.

The consistency of the foundation is quite thick, but it's also very creamy so it's easy to spread around my face (I used my Real Techniques Buffing brush). It also feels light, like I'm not wearing any foundation so that's a big plus for me, too. I hate mask-like foundations (ELDW, I'm looking at you!). As I said, it's a medium coverage and has a nice matte finish. I don't think this is as full coverage as many other people say it is because I can still see some of my spots peeking out after one layer of foundation. Not a big deal for me as I have my MUFE Full Cover concealer! ;)

I tried this one time without any primer and setting powder/spray, and it held up for a surprisingly long time - 6 hours! Then I had to blot because my forehead looks quite shiny already. Still, that's not so bad considering I do live in a tropical country!

I have this in the shade Cashew Beige which is the second darkest shade of the foundation. Not a lot to choose from, I know. It lacks the yellow tone that I need to balance out the colors on my face to my neck, but nothing a little poweder and/or bronzer couldn't fix. It photographs well, too. No SPF means no white cast!

Downside: I BROKE OUT! After 3 days of continuous use, I noticed I've gotten new spots on my face! I thought it was because of the new makeup remover that I'm testing, but I realized it's this foundation. Such a shame because this was a pretty fab foundation. I probably should have gone for the Burberry one, darn it all.

What's your current foundation? :)



  1. Sayang naman. I like how it looks on the photo. I'm currently using bobbi brown foundation stick. ok naman.

  2. The foundation really suits you and great job finding an excellent color match! Sometimes we break out when we adjust to a new product. Maybe not all is lost. Let yourself get used to your foundation and the breakouts might stop :)

  3. @Rae: Sayang nga, mahal pa naman! Haha! Haven't tried anything from Bobbi Brown yet!

  4. @Maita: Should I continue using it? Really scared I'd break out more though.. sayang din kasi haha! :p

  5. My usual foundation BB Creams are really for more than one year and not use traditional foundations BB Creams but because I have found a lot more than the traditional foundations.

    By the way sweetie now I´m following you i hope your follow me back.


  6. Sorry to hear that it broke you out! I've heard so many good things about this foundation in the past few months ... it would be one that I'd want to try if I were on the hunt for a more fuller coverage foundation :)

  7. im not a foundation fanatic.. but i prefer wearing a primer before putting makeup on =)

  8. wow, great post! ive been wanting to try this for a long time!:)