Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows: Weekly Round-Up #14

Question of the Week:

What's the most that you will spend for a cosmetic item?

Romzs' answer: I'm a sucker for lipsticks, and have naughtily bought.... *drumrolls* a Tom Ford lipstick. That's $48 (70SGD)! Oops. I'm willing to go until a $100 for a good eye palette or a blush/bronzer.. it depends on the product, really. But never over that amount.

This week's link:

Affairs Magazine - TBC.
Beauty & Baggage - tests out the new Rimmel Apocalips and gives some away!
Fashionable Heart - has swatches of Urban Decay's Vice Palette.
Massachusetts Mask - is taking a lil' vacation in February.
Norwegian Elephant - reviews yet another red lipstick!



  1. I would love to own a TF lipstick but still on the fence whether I'd shell out Php2500 for it! SUPER LALA ang price! :'( Haha. For a palette, I'd spend 3k tops. For lipstick, 1k, for blush 1.5k, foundation 2.5k.
    Cant wait to see your Tom Ford lippie!

  2. @Sharina: I know!! Haha I thought too much whether to buy that TF lipstick or not. It's nice though! x

  3. Hihi, im on my makeup ban kaya happy na ako magblog hop at magbasa ng mga most raved lippies nyo =)