What's in my Glamourbox November 2012

Out of all the 3 beauty boxes available in the Philippines, I was excited for Glamourbox the most. Seeing all the hints that they've been posting on their Facebook account, I was expecting a lot from their November box. I guess I was expecting a little too much.
  • Eye of Horus Mascara - Eye of Horus is an Australian brand I've never heard of since.. well, today. The card says the mascara will help strengthens and lengthens your lashes.. I cannot vouch for their claim that it helps strengthens lashes since I've only used this once so far. But I love how it lengthens and holds the curl of my lashes pretty well. I'm impressed.
  • Shiseido Benefiance WrinleResist24 Night Cream - After being let down by the wrinkle cream that I have been using, it's great timing that I received this in my box. Hopefully this will be way better than the Lancome one.
  • Yves Rocher Slimming Action Concentrate - I don't exactly believe in slimming (or firming, etc) products, but I'm excited to try this anyway. Anything that will help "slim" down my thunder thighs!
  • Ofra Cosmetics Lipstick Palette - Another brand I've never heard of before. For me, this is the most disappointing bit in the box as lip palettes just aren't for me. And looking at the shades included in the palette (shimmery ones *que horror*), the full price of P1050 just isn't worth it. I haven't swatched anything yet, I'll probably do a separate review for this.
  • Perfume Samples (Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste, CK Eternity Aqua, Bvlgari Man, Burberry Sport) - How frustrating is it to get not one but FOUR perfume samples? Thank you.... not.
Even at P595, over a hundred pesos more expensive than the BDJBox, Glamourbox is still way better. Some products were not my thing, but at least Glamourbox did not include horrible drugstore products. & this one had makeup samples in it!

But seriously, I have to say, compared to UK/US/SG beauty boxes, ours pretty much blows. Maybe they're still at their adjustment period, and it will get better in the next couple of months? Who knows... For now, I'm going to continue my subscription to Glamourbox and ditching the BDJbox. :)



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