The Body Shop's Olive Beautifying Oil

I've been growing out my hair since last year so the top half of my hair is in great condition. The problem lies on the bottom half of my hair where it's still rather... dead. With a combination of a trusted stylist (Nary of Acqua - Heaven sent!) and a good shampoo & conditioner, my hair is pretty manageable at times. But sometimes humidity creeps in, and when that happens my hair doubles its size. Yes, uh-oh indeed.

I dropped by The Body Shop about a month ago, and picked up the Olive Beautifying Oil (P795). The Beautifying Oil isn't just for your hair, it can also be use for you face & body. I wouldn't dare put oil on my face, so I use this solely for my hair. I pop 3-4 drops of this on my palm, rub my hands together, and apply it on the ends of my hair. Not only does it give my hair a nice healthy shine, but it also weighs it down just a bit so it to prevent any unnecessary poofing. You do have to remember that it's oil, so I wouldn't suggest putting this any where near your scalp. Unfortunately, the effect that it gives do not last permanently, but that's fine with me as I wasn't looking for a miracle product. It does its job, and that's good enough for me.

I really like this one so much I'm giving one away come December! I'm still curating more products to include in the giveaway, so if have any suggestions, give it a go and leave a comment below! xx



  1. Glad to hear that it works for your hair! I wouldn't have even thought to put it in my hair :p I heard good reviews about TBS oils - maybe I should've picked one up when I was in NYC and it was about half the price it is here in Australia!

  2. @Lena: I wouldn't too, to be honest! I had to search for some reviews!

  3. I am currently looking for a nice oil for my hair - I will definitely be checking this one out! :)

  4. @Janice: I hope you like it as much as I do! :) xx

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