If you really love Christmas, come on & let it snow.

 Apologies for the lackluster photos; my lens won't focus properly!
Meet my latest obsession: candles! :3 I took advantage of the BBW 2/$20 sale three weeks ago, and got two candles from their Winter line. After reading reviews online, I settled for Peppermint Mocha & Snowed In. I like bakery scents, I'm not sure why I even bothered buying Snowed In......

Peppermint Mocha smells exactly like the Starbucks drink of the same name (which btw, is my favorite drink ever)! It's the perfect mix of chocolate & peppermint. I'd love for the chocolate scent to be darker & richer like their Dark Chocolate Mint last year, but hey, I can cope. I love how lighting this candles makes any room in the house smells like Christmas! Snowed In was a bit of a disappointment though. Reviews said it makes them think of winter, but if that's what winter smells like, I'm not too sure I want to experience it anytime soon! It's very heady, very fresh smelling and oddly enough, very.. green. Like smelling a handful of wet leaves. I find it better to light this one in a large room so the smell would diffuse a bit more.

What's your favorite candle? :)



  1. i looove peppermint candles! they remind me of christmas too <3


  2. Oooh, I love the sound of peppermint mocha. Yummy :) I don't light candles much, though I want to try those ultra-luxe Diptyque candles (not sure if I could ever justify the price though!) :p

  3. @Marsa: You should try this one!! It's really nice, gets me in the mood for the holiday! :)

  4. @Lena: I want Diptyque, too! :o Too expensive though :(