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Enter: Lancome High Resolution with Fibrelastine. It's your usual anti-wrinkle cream. Promises to repair and reduce visible signs of aging, and claims to give visible result. And I quote, "treats stubborn wrinkles with a unique dermo-smoothing D-Contraxol formula thus giving you a younger-looking skin." Oh-kaaay...I have been using it steadily for the past months. & do I see any differences? Not. a. single. thing. I'm halfway through the pot, and the lines under my eyes have not decreased at all. Darn you Lancome, and your overly scented products! *shakes fist*

To be fair, the cream is nice. It's not heavy, sinks in relatively fast, does not leave any sticky film on my skin, but the scent is so overpowering! Again, to all the companies out there, if you're contemplating on whether to put fragrance(s) on your products: PLEASE DO NOT - it's annoying, you're annoying. *flips hair*

Hmm. I'm not really sure why I'm still reviewing this since I think this has been discontinued. I do know that you can still buy this stuff over at Ebay, so this is just a little heads up just in case you've been wondering about whether to buy it or not. (If you are wondering about it just remember: don't.) If I'm not mistaken is now replaced by the High Resolution Refill-3x? For $78, let's hope that one's better!



  1. How disappointing that you didn't see any effects from using this cream :( I often wonder if expensive skin care products are really doing anything, but I don't really use them consistently enough to tell :p