Birthday/Christmas Wishlist for 2012 ♥

Last time I did this, I got about... 70% of what I wished for. So I'm thinking, why not make another one in hopes that I can get more or less the exact same percentage of what I got last year? Haha! (Btw, it's exactly a month before my birthday today!) This is going to be the short version though. I have a much more intensive wishlist/recommendations which I will post in the first week of December. I think I'll file this one under: for my Mother's eyes only. ;)

I know it's a bit on the boring side, probably because I've been harping about these items on every. single. one. of my wish lists before. Nothing has changed, it's still what I want. Plus an additional GA Lip Maestro, in shade #400, preferably ;) I am prepared to grovel, yes I am. *UD Nake-y palette not included because my sister already promised that to me! Hurray.

I stopped by Zara yesterday, and was completely horrified at how almost all the things (pants, shirts, belts, bags) on display have studs on it! Yes Zara, there is such thing as too much studs. Take it down a notch, y'hear? You're still my favorite, though.

Practical Salt Water Sandals for traveling/lounging around/shopping/beach/etc? I'll take one two please! The Sperry x Band of Outsiders top-siders are actually marketed for guys, I know that. But look at the red/navy stripes pair.. just look at it. Now, look at your feet. Now look back at the pair.. Do you need it like I do? Yes. Yes, you do.

A little over the top for a gift, but hello I'm just wishing, aren't I? Lately, I've been thinking about San Francisco more and more. I don't know what it is that I love about the place, but just like Hong Kong, it keeps on calling my name. I have bookmark'd a ridiculous amount of places at Airbnb dreaming that I could stay at one of them for a full week. (Comment below if you want to know the places!) Let me tell you things I love about this city: the weather, the people, the food, the transportation... A complete 360 compared to LA! Pretty perfect, isn't it? Hello, I'll be back. I love you. <3

I also really want a bottle of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial, please. Add some bottles of good cheap wines (read: Barefoot Moscato) to that, too! Confession time: if the label on the wine looks pretty, chances are the bottle will be added to my cart... oops.

What's on your Christmas wish list? :)



  1. I second your entire wishlist, except change the SF ticket to NY, and perhaps the shoes to some Zara heels. The Lip Maestro I really want though, and I'm dying for a Burberry Lip Velvet.
    S xx

  2. Wouldn't have known about if not for this! Thanks Romzs. :)

  3. @Seonaid: Ooh.. I'd love to go to New York, too! <3 I've only heard good things about the Lip maestro, so far! Seems promising xx

  4. @Lau: Hello! No prob! There's another one but Airbnb's more popular!

  5. Browsing thru airbnb makes me both happy and depressed! I've bookmarked quite a lot of places in Europe especially a Paris! haha.

  6. I want this travel in my wishlist too great post!!