Torn between two (four) lovers

Sephora's Friends & Family Sale will start on *drumroll*..... the 18th! I'm ready to invest on one neutral palette. The thing is, I have 4 different palettes in my mind - The Urban Decay Naked Palette ($50), LORAC Unzipped Palette ($40), Stila In The Light Palette ($39) and the Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Set ($42).

I like the Stila one because it has a fairly nice mix of matte & shimmery eyeshadows - Kitten is also included in the palette which is a bonus. I'm not too familiar with the brand Lorac but the reviews for this palette is outstanding! Apparently, it's the closest "dupe" for the Naked palettes - a better one, with less fallouts and a great mix of cool and warm toned shadows. The Too Faced One, I'm pretty sure, is a limited edition. Aside from the dainty looking packaging, not only does it have 12 eyeshadows, it also has the popular Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer and a mirror on the palette itself! But knowing me, I probably will end up with the Naked Pallete! A safe choice, yes, but it's not a cult favorite for nothing, right? I'm also very much excited to play with Virgin, Sin and Buck! Mm.. pretty.

Which of these do you think should I buy? :)



  1. Naked talaga. I actually have Naked 2 (fucking hell the price) but it's a worthy investment, I can easily wear it to work then go out at night without changing a thing! ALSO SAAN KA BIBILI, ONLINE? I WANT STUFF! Haha. Makabili nga din if ever.

  2. You can't go wrong with the original Naked! Such an amazing palette with fantastic quality eyeshadows. But I love the look of the other 3 as well ... I've never seen that Too Faced one but the circular pans are so pretty! I've wanted the Stila one for ages but having both Naked1 and Naked2, it would simply be superfluous, but the shades are so pretty! :p I'm a sucker for any hyped about product, so I am interested in the LORAC as well. Haha...

  3. @Ysa: I was thinking Naked na din talaga but the Lorac one's intriguing! I want the Naked 2 packaging! Mas maganda :)) I'm buying sa Sephora website mismo! :) Gooo! Bili lang! Haha!

  4. @sleepandwater: I'll probably end up buying the Naked one! I was already contemplating on buying it at the UD friends and family sale! :p But yes, the Lorac one's such a great contender!

  5. I want them all! Haha - I wish we had a Sephora here, because I keep hearing about these Friends & Family sales and we don't get them here :(
    S xx

  6. Naked is a must! I like the too faced also. I love their shadows but some shades have really bold shimmer ie. nude beach which I got in their summer palette. Too-faced nautral palette ia like an exact dupe for the UD naked. I have been eyeing the Sila palettes also, look lovely. But naked is just the best!
    They are all lovely!