TAG: Most Worn Things

This tag is actually the "Most Worn Things Summer Edition" but since it's summer all year round here in the Philippines... I thought it would be better if my answers would be according to the things I wore all the time in general. :)

1. Most worn nail polish - Chanel Rouge Noir & OPI Did You 'ear About Van Gogh! I love Rouge Noir, I literally carry it around with me every time I visit a nail salon (I hate the brush on this nail polish, thus the visits to the salon)! Did You 'ear About Van Gogh is just the color I reach for most often when I don't know what color I want to paint my nails. It's a really nice cement-gray with a touch of beige.
2. Most worn hair product - None! I really, really do not do anything special to my hair. It's the part of my body I pay attention to the least. A mild shampoo and a good conditioner is all I ever need.
3. Most worn bag - My Zara version of Alexander Wang's Rocco bag. I've searched all over for a Rocco dupe, and thankfully came across this version which I bought from Tigerlilies.

4. Most worn shoes - Topshop Vectra! This is the 3rd edition (faux leather) of these slippers. Again, like the bag, this is very much battered already and in need of a replacement, but I don't like the version (canvas) they have in stores now. I wished they brought out the velvet version of this instead. That one was my favorite! I have a "faketra" coming this week though - cross fingers it's good enough!
5. Most worn accessories - I don't wear much accessories, but one thing that is constant on my wrist is a watch - for now, my favorite is my Michael Kors Rose Gold watch.
6. Most worn clothing item - My Forever21 navy lace shorts! Believe it or not, this was the very first pair of shorts I worn out. I used to never wear shorts because I really hate my thighs, but this one was too cute to pass up on! I needed a little bit of egging from my friends before I first wore this out, though!

7. Most worn foundation - Maybelline Fit Me foundation & the Burberry Sheer foundation! I reviewed the Fit Me foundation here. I still have to review the Burberry one but spoiler alert: holy grail!
8. Most worn blush and/or bronzer - NARS Luster! It the most versatile blush that I have in my drawer. I can use this blush as a bronzer because it shows a bit brown on me!
9. Most worn lip product - That cheeky one that isn't on focus on the photo is my MAC Cherish. A lovely mid-tone pinky nude that I wear all the time! I'm a fan of the "no makeup makeup look" & this is the only nude that doesn't wash me out.
10. Most worn mascara - Maybelline Magnum mascara is the b-o-m-b. It's a pain to remove, but it holds my curls, lengthens and gives volume to my crappy Asian lashes. I'd put the Mega Plush here, but I thought it would be unfair because I just got it.
11. Most worn eyeshadow - MAC Espresso that I use on my brows! What? It's not cheating - it's still an eyeshadow ;)

Swatches of MAC Espresso, MAC Cherish, NARS Lustre here. :)

I tag:
- Seonaid
- Emily
- Wendy
- Sleepandwater (I feel bad that I still don't know your name :()
- Shari
- Lizzie



  1. Thank you, dear, for the tag. :)

    I love Chanel nail lacquer too... And I hardly accessorize din.

    I love your flats and your watch.

  2. Lol, don't feel bad - it's not like I really publicise it :p It's Lena btw! That Zara bag totally looks like the Alexander Wang, you had me fooled ;) Really fun tag, so many I want to do but somehow never remember to do them :p