MAC x Marilyn Monroe Deeply Adored

My waiting came to a fruitful end! Last week, I finally got my hands on my much coveted MAC x Marilyn Monroe Deeply Adored lipstick! Looking at my makeup stash, I have about 3-4 red lipsticks... none of which I actually wear outside. Then came Deeply Adored.

Unlike other people who reviewed the packaging of this collection and said it was rubbish, I actually really like it! The lipstick bullet is glossy unlike the regular MAC bullet which is on the matte side. It has Marilyn signature on the cap & her photo right below it.

MAC Deeply Adored is the perfect oxblood red. If you ask me to describe what a classic red lip color is, this lipstick would be my answer. It's surprisingly easy for me to wear this! It's dark enough to make it easy for me to wear it out without being too self-conscious but red enough to make a statement. For a MAC matte lipstick, Deeply Adored is pretty creamy. I actually had a hard time putting this on since it kept on slipping off my lips, so I had to use my Real Techniques definer brush to apply it. The staying power is great! It gave me 6 hours of wear (with lunch!) before it faded once I finished eating dinner.



  1. Gorgeous red on you, it definitely looks like the classic Marilyn colour :)

  2. @Seonaid: Thank you! xx

    @Lena: Thanks! I'm so glad I got my hands on this! xx

  3. That color looks dynamite on you!

    And amen on the packaging, I loved it since I saw it! Always looks extra special when MAC does the glossy cases instead of the usual satin finish.

  4. I love this color! I wish I did get my hands on something from this collection just for novelty sake, but nothing jumped out at me.