"High-end" wishlist

You know what's coming around the corner? Christmas! And my birthday (it's also the exact date of the "end of the world", but... *flips hair* it's my birthday)! You know what that means? WISHLIST TIME! ;)
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette - The force is very much strong in this one! The lack of Sephora Friends & Family sale this year means no Naked palette for me. I could have bought it during Ulta or UD's F&F, but noooo... I just had to wait for an event that didn't push through! Darn it.
  • Saltwater Sandals - It's practical, sturdy, water friendly and it looks. so. nice! I've been lusting over a pair since I saw Yishyene wore hers practically everywhere. Btw, she has an amazing, amazing blog! Go drop a visit. :)
  • Tom Ford Shape & Illuminate - With an absolutely ridiculous price of $75, this is something that I can't justify enough to buy for myself. *hint hint*
  • Kate Spade Wellesley Neda
  • Burberry Velvet Foundation - This is Burberry's latest foundation, unlike their old one, the Velvet foundation has a Matte finish. I really want to try this one once I finish the Burberry Sheer one.
  • Tom Ford Wild Ginger - Do I think Tom Ford cosmetics are overpriced? Yes. Do I think that, despite the price, I would hoard everything if I could? Well.... yes.
  • Illamasqua Eurydice
  • Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in Black - My ULTIMATE wish! Totes McGoats gonna ask for it this Christmas! ;) I'm crossing my fingers that Revolveclothing will stock this color again so I can get it at 30% off!
What are things you wish you can afford? :)



  1. Tom Ford Shape and Illuminate is in my wishlist too.

    You might want to check out Lorac Pro Palette as well.

  2. @Rae: I wish I can find a dupe for it! Haha, can't afford! :p

    Ooh, I have to look that one up, thanks! xx

  3. I've always wanted an UD Naked Palette but since I'm not a make-up junkie, so I always.. well, you know, hesitate whenever I'm tempted to buy.


  4. REBECCA MINKOFF MINI MAC, yessss that is SO on my wish list as well! I love that bag so much, it just looks so classy. Wish I could afford it in every color ;) xx