Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows: Weekly Round-Up #7

Hi guys! Please welcome Michelle (of Affairs magazine) as the newest member of ATWI80E! :)

Question of the Week:

Are you being festive this Halloween in your beauty or fashion choices?

Romzs' answer: Honestly, no :p I would love to dress up,  but Halloween isn't as widely celebrated in our country compared to the US! Christmas is another story.... ;)
This Week's Links:
Affairs Magazine - Michelle is feeling festive with her LUSH Bath!
Beauty & Baggage - Falls in love with five eyeliners she scooped up for a bargain!
Fashionable Heart - Got one of her dream bags this week!
Massachusetts Mask - Has never found a blush she didn't like, but this new one from e.l.f. may have to be the first!
Norwegian Elephant - Has finally found the perfect red lipstick!



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