Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows: Weekly Round-Up #5

Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows Question of the Week:

What's the most expensive item in your makeup collection and was it worth the price?

Romzs' answer: Mmm.. I don't own anything too expensive, actually. Though, I have to say my Burberry Sheer Foundation was quite a splurge on my part! It was, I think, $55 after California tax! Is it worth the price? Hell yes it's so worth the price! xx

This week's link:

Beauty & Baggage - shares what was in her bag for the Cosmo Blog Awards.
Fashionable Heart - relies on plaid for a perfect "laid back" look during autumn!
Massachusetts Mask - Massachusetts Mask- shows you her 5 favorite scents for fall from Bath & Body Works!
Norwegian Elephant - On finding the perfect-but-not-quite lipstick.



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