Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows: Weekly Round-Up #4

Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows Question of the Week:

What would be your first repurchase if you lost all your makeup?

Romzs' answer: Ahhh this is such a hard question! My first buy would probably be MAC Espresso eyeshadow since it's the powder I use for my brows! I can go without any foundation, lipstick, etc. But my brows cannot be bare.. ever! :) I'll do a more extensive "Top 10 Repurchase tag" next time!

This week's link:

Beauty & Baggage - shares her experience of the Cosmo Blog Awards!
Fashionable Heart - is taking a week off to celebrate Canada's Thanksgiving!
Massachusetts Mask - reviews Maybelline's Limited Edition Color Tattoo in Mossy Green and lets everyone know why you should be running to your drugstores to find it!
Norwegian Elephant - On why it's worth it to swatch everything in Sephora! ;)
P.S. Oh wow, late roundup this week. I'm sorry I didn't noticed it was still on my drafts!



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