The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream was a face moisturizer that I had high hopes for. After I bought it, I went over at Makeupalley only to found out that it's The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream that was the good one - not the one I actually bought! Color me naive, but I thought since they came from the same range/line, they would work pretty much the same, right? Well, no.

Good things first.. The smell. It's soooo good - very fresh, sunscreen-y scent without the cloying smell of coconuts. Mmm. Lovely. The texture is great, too. Very light making it very easy to spread on my face, and it gets easily absorb by my skin. The good things about this product ends there, unfortunately. The first time I used this product, I immediately felt a slight burning sensation. It freaked me out so badly, I had to take it off quickly. I don't joke around when it comes to products that I will be using on my face. If you read my acne story, you know how sensitive my skin can get. Right after I took this off, I saw some small red patches but I thought nothing of it. The day after it, I broke out. MASSIVE BREAKOUT. Seriously, cystic acne breakout. :( I was so disappointed because I really like how this cream felt on my face. But alas, this just isn't for me. And yes, I am never going to try Body Shop face products again. I heard good things about the Simple moisturizer though! I might try that one out next! :)

What face moisturizer are you using right now? :)



  1. That sucks! Sorry you had such a terrible experience! I often find that with products described as 'natural' and so on, that the essential oils and fragrances make my skin feel on fire. I'm especially sensitive to rose. It sucks cause I like the smell.
    S xx

  2. Oh that is so disappointing! Sorry to hear that it stung and broke you out. I actually picked up the night cream of this recently ... now I'm having serious doubts about it! :S

  3. Sorry to hear that it broke you out - It seemed so promising though! Thanks for the heads up and great review :)

  4. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but don't give up on the body shop, the vitamin e cream broke me out but their teatree and seaweed ranges have saved my skin its never been clearer!

  5. oh sorry!!! so annoying!!! I try to buy the simplest products I can find, but I use a natural product, too, and I am happy with it. So I can't tell you if I like natural or normal products more. It depends!
    The one I have is from "Alverde" but I think that is a German brand...



  6. I had a horrible reaction to this product too !!! Thx for sharing!