The $20 Makeup Challenge

One of my favorite tags to watch on Youtube is the $20 Makeup Challenge. $20, if converted, would be roughly P800, do you know how much makeup (US drugstore brand) you can buy with that money? One liquid foundation. Drugstore makeup is cheap as hell in America so I really had fun doing this tag! I'm not confident enough to record a video of myself doing this tag so I hope this blog post will suffice ;)

*Walmart NOT Target

I didn't think I'd had enough budget to buy the $3 ELF studio line powder brush, but I also didn't want to buy a cheap brush that I will use for only one time, so I applied this with my hands. It was fine, but I have to say using a buffing brush gives way better coverage. Also reviewed here.

Not the best color for me, I think it's too light! I haven't used a pencil for my brows, but I found this super easy for shaping my eyebrows.

The first time I used this, I actually followed the instruction and used the cream shimmery shadow for my brow bone - big mistake. I thought my eyes looked so shimmery. For this look, I used the cream shadow on my inner corner, pink shadow on my lid, and the brown on my crease and the outer v of my eye. All applied using my fingers. So old school! I liked it better that way than using the sponge applicators :)

Reviewed here. Really awesome mascara!

Best. Buy. EVER. I used this on my cheeks & on my lips! I love the color, and the pigmentation was fantastic! The price was even more incredible - $1.50! SO CHEAP!

I was way under the budget, yay! I should've gotten an eyeliner or a setting powder.... or a concealer, darn. Anyway, I love this challenge, and I'm glad I was able to do it!

Can you do the $20 challenge? ;)



  1. Great post. Goes to show that it doesn't take much to look like a million $$$. :)

    There are a lot of great drugstore brands out there, and thank goodness for that.

  2. You did so well and really under budget :) I love the look of the Forever21 cream blush - soooo pretty! Wish I'd read your post while I was in NYC so I could've picked one up.

  3. Love this post! I'll have to try the challenge although drugstore makeup is SO much cheaper in the US. You look brilliant, and that cream blush is so lovely!
    S xx