September wish list

1. Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon - I know, I know. I am most definitely super behind when it comes to this product. This has been hyped for God knows how long, it's almost too ridiculous that I only want one now.
2. K Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow in Natural Brown - I love my eyebrows, and is always finding brow product to make it even more ~*beautiful (lol, self proclaimed).
3. Illamasqua Lipstick in Box - I have finally found the most perfect shade of red ever. It's just... I don't wear red. Is it bad that I still want this?
4. Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need in Henrietta - I must have visited Sephora almost 3x a week while in California, but I never really noticed Charlotte's line. Except a while ago while I was perusing Sephora's website. Named after her sister.. erm, Henrietta, this palette boast of 4 gorgeous neutrals. I originally want a MAC quad, but wasn't too keen on building it myself (note: lazy). The colors are chosen to compliment each other, and the palette is small enough to fit in my pocket, so I'm good with this.
5. Charlotte Ronson 3x a Charm - Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer in one palette! It's just like MAC x Wonder Woman is Pink Power except a lot less glittery.
6-7. Tokyo Milk Lip Elixir in Salted Caramel & Clove Cigarette - I like lip balms. I never finish a tub of it, but I like "collecting" them. Mm, Clove Cigarette. Want to bet on how gorgeous that one would smell like? I can't wait to get my hands on it!
8. Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer - So this is said to be Maybelline's answer to the YSL Touche Eclat. Except it costs 3 quarters less. Yes, yes, aaaand yes.
9. Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation - I'm not the biggest fan of Kat Von D, but this foundation of hers has been getting a lot of raves lately! Full coverage, matte finish, long lasting.. what more could I possibly want, right?
10. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - A total opposite of the Lock-It tattoo, Urban Decay Naked Skin has a light-medium coverage, has a "second skin" finish, and is extremely lightweight.

1. Topshop shorts - I am now in a weird phase where I HATE denim jeans. They're convenient, but they're so... stiff. And hot. Hence, my addiction to shorts right now. High waist are my favorite, otherwise my thighs would look like two huge tree trunks. Not my most flattering part, really.
2. iPhone 5 - Okay, I have to admit, I'm a HUGE Apple fan. I have the 4s, and I fully believed that it doesn't differ to the iPhone 5 much. Better camera, faster processor, new OS (which I can upgrade to anyway), bigger screen (not sold to that, I love the size of the iPhone as it was), lighter in weight. But I still want one. I'm really not sure why.
3. Zara Bulldog Print Trousers - CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD?! Answer: most definitely.
4. Burgundy Jeans - Totally a 360 on what I said about jeans, but I couldn't help but add this to my list! I have been lusting for a pair of burgundy jeans, I've looked everywhere but nothing fits my standards (soft, not restricting, stretchy).
5. H&M Super Skinny Super Low Waist jeans in Dark Denim Blue - I already have this exact same jeans but I want one... or two.. or seven. They're easily the most comfortable jeans in my closet right now. In fact, they don't feel like jeans. More like an insanely soft leggings. But it's thick, and not so cotton-y (only 44% cotton!) And the way it hugs my hips? Fits like a glove. Aww, yeah.
6. H&M Metal Hair Ties - Again, I already have this in both silver & rose gold, but I want mooooore. I've gotten used to tying my hair in a messy (not so deliberate) ponytail, and the metal cuffs on these just add some edginess to it.
7. Topshop Studded Clutch - I'm still not over studs, so sue me.
8. Cotton On Emmy Slippers - Burgundy yet again! I love smoking slippers. I have quite possibly used my Vectras to their death. Best thing about this pair? It has my initials on it! Hello, meant to be.

What's on your wishlist? ;)



  1. The Charlotte Ronson palette looks so pretty and wearable!=D Top on my wish list is NARS Sheer Glow Foundation! We don't have NARS where I'm from..=)

  2. @Amanda: It does! Even the packaging looks super pretty! I LOVE the Nars Sheer Glow, I hope you get to try it soon! xx